Dominate 2022 With These 5 B2B Lead Generation Strategies

lead generation

For most B2B businesses, 2020 and 2021 have been tumultuous years in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. Significant changes have taken place on all fronts: client preferences, business structure, purchase cycles, and marketing channels.

Swaying past the worst phases of the pandemic towards a hopeful new year, B2B marketers are under tremendous pressure. Both B2B demand generation in Singapore and lead generation are crucial for business survival and growth today

Amidst the cut-throat competition and numerous other challenges, here are five effective lead generation strategies to maximize your sales:

Optimize Your Website for Higher Organic Traffic:

In digital marketing, SEO is the first cornerstone for B2B lead generation. Having ‘ready-to-buy’ prospects land on your website and share their queries/contact details is the ultimate aim of all organic SEO strategies. For instance, local SEO efforts are far more rewarding for local B2B businesses (SMEs in particular). Optimize your web content (landing pages in particular) with local search keywords. Align them with the search patterns of your target audience in the specific city or zone.


Rely on AI for B2B Demand Generation:

With website cookies, chatbots, and AI-run social media trackers, generating leads becomes a robust, automated activity. Use the suitable filters, algorithms, and data analytics tools to derive contact details from your chatbot and tracker data. If these concepts are alien to you, liaise with a data analytics team to understand how AI tools can become excellent lead-generators.


Run a Precision-based PPC Campaign:

While consistent inbound organic leads are every B2B marketer’s dream come true, it is not always practical. Inbound marketing tactics are long-term and do not yield instant results. As a marketer, you need to implement a strategic mix of inbound and outbound marketing tactics. You can get immediate reverts and queries with well-crafted, targeted paid ads on Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more.

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Integrate Your Telemarketing and Social Media Marketing Efforts:

Outbound telemarketing has always been a tried-and-tested strategy for B2B demand generation. But in the current digital era, with multiple businesses vying for the attention of the same market segment, telemarketing cannot thrive in isolation. Combine telemarketing calls with Bulk SMS, Whatsapp Messages, and Social Media Conversations for tangible results.

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Introduce an Alluring Referrals Program:

A great way to solicit the contact details of new and qualified prospects is by asking your existing clients! The only prerequisite is that you need to motivate them enough to share referrals of their friends or associates. An alluring referral program provides an attractive discount to existing clients for the first purchase on the part of their referrals.



Without a well-structured vision and plan for B2B lead generation in Singapore, your marketing campaign will never yield the desired ROI. Thanks to big data and algorithms, it is much easier for businesses to pursue leads exactly matching their ICP. Be it for demand generation or subsequent lead generation, the outreach provided by digital marketing is phenomenal. No wonder most B2B businesses are competing for an unrivaled digital presence to get a steady flow of organic leads!

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