Cartoon Shows That Every Child Loves

Cartoon Shows

Cartoons have always been fascinating for all of us. Cartoon shows making is an art and most of the time the intention is to create such an art, especially for children. Yet multiple cartoons are for adults. Like we see in the newspapers, of politicians and others. But nowadays the cartoons that we see on television are animated. Hence children find it very interesting.

When they see a cartoon talking, walking, fighting, or playing it resembles their fantasy. Most of these cartoons enable them to think out of the box like what dinosaur has 500 teeth. That is the reason that children like watching cartoons this much. In this article you will get to know about all such cartoon shows that children love to watch. Read the article till the end.

Tom And Jerry

Tom and Jerry is a cartoon that is for every generation. We have all loved this cartoon in our childhood days and we know the children after we are loving it. It makes them laugh a lot. The cute fight between Tom and Jerry is what children want to witness. But this cartoon not only portrays the fight between the two but also has a nice and kind message to deliver.

It gives them a message of kindness and peace. To help others selflessly and love every other person around you. To share the food any others. But this cartoon will always have a special place in our hearts. Even though this cartoon does not have any dialogue only the music and their actions are enough to thrill the children.

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Oggy And The Cockroaches

Oggy and the cockroaches is a very funny kind of cartoon show. Most of its elements are full of fun. It depicts two teams one is that of Oggy and the other is of cockroaches. These cockroaches always make plans to disturb Oggy and his life. And once Oggy Is hurt jack comes to help him out and save his life. That’s the basic plot around which the whole cartoon show revolves.

But this also delivers the message that people who fight are never at peace. That is the reason that cockroaches because they create problems for others who are never at peace and have to keep facing problems. The plot is not as easy as a roach getting in car such petty fights bring complexities to it.


Doraemon is one of the best and most loved cartoons to date. Children love this cartoon a lot because it completely resembles their world of fantasy. Doraemon always helps Nobita with his wonderful gadgets that help Nobita pass any competition. But at the same time, we see Nobita stuck in some phases even after using the gadgets to make the children know that there is no shortcut to success. And it can only be achieved by working hard.

Then we have the character of Gian who is very rebellious and fights out everything but then we are also shown that he is not loved by anyone because of his rebellious acts.


Shinchan is indeed the funniest cartoon character that you’ll ever witness. This character is so full of love that children can’t resist falling in love with it. Even though Shinchan is not good at studies, he is very witty. And that’s what makes everybody laugh.

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Sometimes he creates a situation of awkwardness for his parents but he is very caring for his younger sister. He takes immense care of his sister when the parents are not around. The dialogues are extremely funny that one cannot stop laughing at.

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