7 Motorcycle Maintenance Tasks You Can Do Yourself

Motorcycle Maintenance Tasks You Can Do Yourself

If you own a motorcycle, you’re probably aware it requires regular maintenance to keep running smoothly. Many tasks must be carried out regularly, from oiling the engine to replacing battery terminals. If you aren’t careful with your maintenance routine, it could lead to costly repairs down the road. Fortunately, plenty of useful tasks can be undertaken on your own should you choose to do so. This article lists some essential maintenance tasks that anyone with an understanding of how to turn on and off a motorcycle engine and Honda Fairings can perform on a motorcycle. Keep reading this article to discover how you can keep your bike in good shape!


1) Checking tire pressure:

You should check your tire pressure every time you go for a long ride. The handling and braking of your vehicle can be severely affected if your tires are underinflated. Using a tire pressure gauge in your driveway can be an easy way to check your tire pressure.

2) Check your brakes

Before every ride, make sure your brakes are working correctly. In unpredictable weather conditions, you want to ensure that each brake stops your bike from rolling. Make sure your brake pads are wearing evenly and are safe to use by regularly checking their material. In case your brake pads are less than two millimetres, they will need to be replaced.

3) Check Coolant

The level of coolant in a motorcycle should be checked before a long ride, regardless of the type of motorcycle you own. There are just a few things you can do on top of coolant to extend the lifespan of your bike, and you will be able to keep it running for much longer.

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4) Change your oil

You will need to change your bike’s oil more often the more you ride. Oil levels should be checked every few months before a long ride. Removing the oil plug and its filter can begin regularly changing the oil filter. Install a new filter, replace any removed parts, and use a funnel and mint oil to refill the engine once the oil has been drained.

5) Changing your air filter:

By simply changing the air filter on your bike regularly, you can improve the bike’s performance a little bit. In order to prevent engine components from becoming clogged up due to constant engine contamination, a new air filter can help prevent this from occurring.

6) Clean your motorcycle

Maintaining the outer layer of paint on your motorcycle and reducing wear and tear over time can be achieved by cleaning it regularly. While some riders wash their motorcycles more frequently than their cars, others clean their bikes just as often as they would clean a car. Clean the bike with a soft cloth or sponge, using a gentle detergent on the plastic parts and wiping them with a cloth or damp sponge. Rinse your bike thoroughly with cold water to remove debris, then clean the bike with cool water and a soft cloth to remove any dirt.

7) Maintain A Clean Chain

In recent years, O-ring chains have replaced unsealed chains as the most common type. The chain needs to be cleaned when it becomes severely dusty, or the owner’s manual recommends it. As soon as you’re finished, lift the back wheel of your bike and shift into neutral to make it easier to move the chain. Using a soft-bristled brush, you can remove grit and dirt from the chain by brushing it with it. Rotating the back wheel while applying special chain lube to the chain is essential to ensure it is adequately lubricated. After applying the lubrication to the chain, let it soak up the lubricant for five minutes before wiping it away with a paper towel.

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As you can see, there are plenty of maintenance tasks you can carry out on your own if you choose to do so. You must take the time to complete these tasks regularly and ensure they are done correctly. Keeping your motorcycle and Honda Fairings in good condition will help extend its lifespan and provide a smoother ride when it is being driven.

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