6 Best Documentaries to Watch About Cryptocurrency


It’s no secret that rise in the popularity of cryptocurrency is growing. From bitcoins to Ethereum we’re witnessing an increase in the number users who trade in about cryptocurrency. The number of way to get involve is growing. There are options for trade on a day basis, in swings or investing in the long-term. Brokers that specialize in cryptocurrency options trading allow the trading of options contracts for cryptocurrency assets.

The volume of information regarding this topic could be overwhelming. Do not waste time if are looking to understand the underlying principles of cryptocurrency and find some motivation to start trading these digital assets in the near future. The documentary about cryptocurrency that is available on this page will assist you in getting a better understanding of this emerging asset class.

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The 6 most popular documentaries about Cryptocurrency to check out follow:

Bitcoin is a popular currency in Uganda (2017)

The documentary follows their journey with an array of Ugandans who utilize Bitcoin to fund school fees and other expenses. It also discusses the ways that bitcoin could benefit those who are poor across Sub-Saharan Africa by offering them the possibility of cheaper, faster payment options without the need for having a bank account instead of traditional methods of payment.

The Bitcoin Bubble: Away from the Bubble (2018)

The documentary examines the way that Bitcoin is changing our perception of the world and is an intriguing idea. With regard to what’s to come, the documentary provides an idea of what might be achievable with Bitcoin. A wealth of information regarding bitcoin is also offered as well as the ways it can assist those in the developing world who aren’t able to access financial institutions or other kinds of currency.

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Bitcoin is in Argentina (2014)

The market for bitcoin in Argentina is expanding in popularity due to bitcoin’ decentralize nature and the possibility of being utilize in a way that is not part of the banking system that has been afflicted by high inflation for the past decade. As compared to other currencie such as euros or dollar bitcoin can be utilize frequently by those who reside in Argentina. This documentary explore how they could be use and what challenge they could confront.

Silk Road Case: The Real, Untold Story (2015)

The new perspective you get regarding one of the biggest bitcoin lawsuits to date. Ross Ulbricht, the man who is accused of overseeing his own Silk Road, an online black market that deals in illicit commodities such as weapons and narcotic and weapon, is a well-known criminal genius. This documentary look at his evidence and explain whether he was accountable for the management of this market. Privacy online is a fundamental rights issue. being protect online raises question regarding the amount of authority police and intelligence agencies should be grant.

Dream An Infiltration into the Dark Web (2021)

The documentary includes interviews with bitcoin experts as well as law enforcement officials who analyze the growing popularization of cryptocurrency and the implications of this trend on the illegal market as well as the documentary. Viewer will be taken by the storie of people trying to alter our perception of money through the development of an anonymous method of trading with digital currencies.

Banking on Africa the Bitcoin Revolution (2020)

The Banking On Africa: The Bitcoin Revolution is an documentary that recounts the story of bitcoin. And other cryptocurrency used in Africa over the course of many years. It highlights the benefit for cryptocurrency African countries that are unable to transfer money across border. As well as the effect of bitcoin on the rate of crime in the region specifically.

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The Final

The subject of cryptocurrency is difficult to comprehend. If you ask a crowd of people. What it is and what it can do there’s a good chance you’ll receive a variety of answer. Base on the person you were asking. Cryptocurrency is a subject of debate. Some people believe it’s untrue. While some question why people would put money into something that doesn’t exist in the world of the digital. Some believe that it is an investment in the future. And it will bring about democratization of our financial system by eliminating the middlemen while improving their transparency.

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