Your Checklist for Peak PPC Campaign Performance

PPC Campaign Performance

Starting a PPC campaign is not challenging because anyone having basic knowledge can do that. But, to bring profit, business, and an increased ROI from a PPC campaign, you need to take care of a whole big checklist. You won’t want to invest time in learning how to set up a PPC campaign and then end up setting it all wrong. So, what is the solution? It is finding ways to run a profitable PPC campaign. Here in this short guide, we will share some crucial checkpoints that are essential to executing your PPC campaign. So to know about the checklist, keep reading. 

  • Keyword Research 

What is the first thing you should do to bring your ad to the first position? Well, the answer is using well-researched keywords. Think about the most relevant keyword that your target audience can search for. It is undeniably a fact that keywords are the heart of your ad campaign and can bring conversions only if they resonate with your audience. Targeting too many keywords can make your ad a generic one, so target it to your specific target audience. You can use some free and paid keyword research tools. It helps you to know its search volume, and how to break it down into different categories. 

  • Create a Landing page 

Not planning a landing page before starting your ad is the biggest mistake. The second step after figuring out and making a list of keywords is navigating your target audience where they can get in-detail and valuable information about you. Ensure your keywords are targeted where they should be like you won’t target “Android mobile charger” with an ad that shows Android case covers. Your ad can be made more effective when the landing pages are custom made and serve the user intent.

  • Do competitor research 
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Observing competitors’ ads is essential. But why? It is because you get an idea of how your competitors are running successful ads and what keeps them driving. By analyzing your competitor’s unique selling points, you would be able to better focus on your ad campaign. Thus, analyzing the competitors is beneficial in every way. After observing your competitor when you are about to start your PPC campaign, you should prepare a list of keywords to outshine your competition. 

  • Tracking settings 

Implementing tracking sets in your Google Ads is extremely crucial because it gives you an insight into the conversions. Now the question arises, how would you do that? Well, you can do that easily. Apply your tracking code in Google Analytics. With this, you can easily track the data of your site. 


Last but not least, keeping up with keyword trends, analyzing site metrics, Checking which keywords are underperforming, etc., are counted under daily and weekly checklists. You must follow this when running a PPC campaign to gain profitable results. Every day, you should not be missing checking on at least two primary Key performance indicators revenue and ad spent. These give you a clear idea to predict the results and ratio of the amount being spent and the amount you can make. So, next time when you are about to run an ad, keep these checkpoints in mind. If needed you can ask for a help from professional PPC agency.

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