Why Should You Have Bajaj Health Card?

Bajaj EMI Network Health Card

There are strategies to financially prepare for unexpected medical problems so you can handle them hassle-free. Most of us have expensive medical insurance, and some retain reserve funds for emergencies. Others opt for a clever and cutting-edge approach to prepare for unforeseen medical circumstances using the Bajaj EMI Network Health Card.

The Bajaj Finserv Health EMI Network Card can help you manage your medical expenses wisely, in addition to your usual health insurance. You get more health benefits and assurance with this card. No matter what, you can access the finest medical care without having to pay a sizable sum all at once, even if your insurance fails or if you are strapped for cash.

Let’s examine this card and why you might opt to get one.

What is the Bajaj Finserv Health EMI Network Card?

A digital card named the Bajaj EMI Network Health Card (HEMI) is used to pay for hospital medical expenditures. The pre-set limit on this card is up to Rs. 4 lakh. You can use this card to turn all of your medical bills into EMIs for a maximum period of 24 months.

5 reasons to keep a Bajaj EMI Health Card:

(1) Convert your medical expenses into EMIs

Even a brief hospital stay for a simple surgery could set you back several thousand rupees. You could have to use your funds if you do not have insurance or if your coverage does not cover your procedure. All of the money can be paid off in EMIs if you have a Bajaj EMI card. Decide to pay back the loan over a flexible period of 3 to 12 months at no interest.

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Consider a situation where you were in an accident and needed to spend the day in the hospital. The cost of your hospitalisation was Rs. 40,000. You can choose a 6-month tenure when paying it off with your HEMI card at the time of discharge. If you do not have the card, you will have to pay the entire amount in one go.

      (2) Two unique variants

Our EMI card comes in two variants:

Platinum card

  • Up to 4 lakh rupees in EMI loan limitations 
  • Rs. 2,500 in lab and OPD benefits at any hospital
  • 10 no-cost teleconsultations worth Rs. 5,000 with all specialities
  • 1 complimentary preventative health checkup worth Rs. 3,000
  • Card cost: Rs. 999 plus GST

Gold card

  • The maximum loan amount of Rs. 4 lakh can be paid by EMI
  • 10 no-cost teleconsultations worth Rs. 5,000 with all specialities
  • 1 complimentary preventative health checkup worth Rs. 3,000
  • Card charge: Rs. 707, GST included.

A special offer of a one-time bill refund of Rs. 2,500 is available on the Platinum version. You can receive a refund for your test costs or your doctor’s consultation charge. For both cards, apply Bajaj Card Online and get zero-documentation approval in a few days.

(3) Accepted all over India

More than 1,500 hospitals in 31 different cities across India are affiliated with Bajaj. The majority of health centres accept the HEMI card in small villages and big cities, including Apollo hospitals, Columbia Asia, Jaslok Hospital, etc.

An example list of procedures covered is provided below:

  • Basic operations
  • obstetrics and gynaecology
  • heart surgery diagnostics 
  • ENT treatments
  • maternity care
  • Dental Care
  • IV therapies and other specialities are among the services offered.
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      (4) Provides coverage for expenses that insurance may not cover

Your usual insurance will likely not cover the costs of such treatments if you decide to stay in a luxury room and choose a physiotherapy session while hospitalised. However, you don’t need to be concerned if you have a HEMI card. There are no constraints while using a HEMI card. In actuality, none of these factors applies to the HEMI card, in contrast to an insurance policy, where prices rise with age and coverage begins only after a preliminary cool-off period.

      (5) Pre-approved card limit

Existing Bajaj customers who have an Insta EMI Card can skip all application procedures. They only need their phone number and a one-time password to check their approved credit limit. Bajaj provides gold and Platinum credit card options. You must pay a one-time membership cost of Rs. 707 and a recurring monthly fee of Rs. 117 for a Gold HEMI card.

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