Why Does My Back Hurt After Waking Up?

More than 50% of the population complains of lower back pain. People often complain about feeling stiff or having joint pains despite getting a full night’s sleep on the best memory foam mattress. Unless you have had some injuries to the back or have any other orthopedic issues then the root cause of it can be the any of the below:

Getting out of bed wrongly: The way you get out of bed when you wake up in the morning can also cause pain in the lower back. Many people sit on the bed and twist their back from side to side even before standing up and that results in strain on the back muscles. The proper way to wake up is to turn around to the side, use your arm to get up and then get into a standing pose.

Wrong sleep position: The way you sleep affects you in more ways that you can imagine and each position has a different impact on the body. Some of the positions you sleep in the night can lead to aches and pains more than others. For example, a study reveals that more than 16% of the stomach sleepers are likely to have lower back and joint pains as the position put more pressure in the spine and result in improper alignment. They also tend to put pressure on the neck, shoulders and lower back. Sleep experts Wakefit recommend that stomach sleepers should try to change their sleep position. Use pillows to support and raise the trunk and sleep on the sides. It is not just stomach sleepers, even side sleepers also sometimes spoil their alignment as they are not using the proper pillow to support the body. Irrespective of the position you are sleeping on if you wake up with back pain then an ortho mattress can help.

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Pillow: Another major culprit for your stiff joints or back pain can be your pillow. Your pillow may have become old or does not provide enough support due to which the spine alignment goes wrong. A good pillow is the one which is neither too thick nor too soft and has to provide support to the neck and also keep the spine aligned. A wrong pillow can make the shoulders and neck misaligned. The best pillow is a body pillow as that contours to the body shape.

Mattress firmness: Most people who have stiff joints and backache have this due to the mattress they are sleeping on. The firmness of the mattress greatly determines the support and the comfort it offers. If the mattress is too soft, the body sinks into it and does not get the needed support and results in soreness and a stiff back. If it is too firm it leads to joint pain and stiffness in the morning due to lack of proper blood circulation. If you are facing these issues then it is time to go online mattress shopping. There are a variety of mattresses which conforms to the body contour providing comfort and support.

The lower back pain and stiffness in the joints is common among people and can be easily solved with some readjustments in the sleep products you are currently using. Changing your mattress or pillow or the bed foundation is a good idea if the pain is not due to an injury or an existing health issue. A Wakefit sleep specialist can help you with expert advice on the memory foam mattress or any other type of mattress which can provide the best quality sleep which will enable you to wake up refreshed and energized.

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