What You Can Pursue After Completion of Certificate III in Child Care Courses

What You Can Pursue After Completion of Certificate III in Child Care Courses

How will you feel if you are surrounded by many students who keep you busy with their mischievous yet funny activities? You’ll be the one who teaches them and make them obey you. And guess what? You will even get paid for your job at the end of the day. If this scenario makes you feel giddy and excited, it would be best to turn this imagination into reality. Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care is just what you need in this enriching industry.

What is Early Childhood Education Certificate

This certificate course is the qualification that allows you to prompt your higher studies and career in early childhood education and care. This certification will assist in taking a significant level of leadership and responsibility in this sector. This course offers you wide chances to foster your abilities and personality attributes with the help of play-based learning strategies.

Career Prospects of Early Childhood Education

In Australia, qualified workers are in-demand, and this certificate will open a wide range of opportunities for you. Let’s see what this career course can offer you in the future.

Early Childhood Teacher

Early Childhood Teachers are an essential part of the development of children of six weeks to 12 years. In this career, you will build a physical and mental foundation and social skills for the young ones. However, your role will prepare them to have a happy social life ahead. You will find yourself planning, organising, and giving daily activities to the little ones in a childcare centre.

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Skills Required To be an Early Childhood Teacher (ECT)

However, you will have to use many skills to become a successful Early Childhood Teacher. This career gateway is ideal for the ones who are patient and caring, can think critically, and comprehends child psychology. Your activities would be running group sessions, creating lesson plans talking to parents, and attending staff meetings.

Importance of Certificate III to be an ECT

Certificate III will directly take you to the position of becoming an Early Childhood Teacher. The ECT’s working hours are early daytime in daycare centres, schools, and community centres. The teachers spend time with children and find their job very relaxing and rewarding. Moreover, this job also pays the ECTs well.

Child Care Worker

As a Child Care Worker, you will get to work with little children in a wide range of settings and environments. They manage toddlers’ and infants’ basic needs without their parents. A Child Care Worker can work in private homes, community centres, or childcare centres.

Activities of a Child Care Worker

As a child care worker, you will get to spend your time with babies playing, reading, and teaching them. Your activity list will also involve feeding and changing their diapers along with having fun with them.

Certification and Required Skills.

The chief skills you will need for this job are caring, presentable parents, organised, and comprehensive early childhood development. Your sole duty is to create a safe environment and prepare them for their future. Certificate 3 in Childcare furnishes you with the appropriate skills to do your job perfectly.

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Child Care Center Management

A Child Care Center Manager manages the regular activities of a child care centre. Moreover, being a manager, they also coordinate the Early Childcare Educators team. This role of leadership is a satisfying yet busy responsibility. If you are a Child Care Manager, you will oversee the long-term planning of the centre. As a manager, you must inspire and support the staff regularly.

Key Skills of a Child Care Center Manager

To become a Child Care Center Manager, you will need the following skills to carry out a successful career:

  • Observation Skill

  • Judgment utilisation ability

  • Problem Solving Ability

  • Patience

  • Communication Skills

Like other managers, you will also be responsible for utilising the resources proficiently to bring prosperity to your organisation.

Significance of Certificate III in Early Childhood Education for Managing Role.

The projected work growth in Australia for this job is 22% as of 2020. There are numerous jobs accessible who want to advance their vocations in childcare. However, the ideal beginning to start your career as a manager is Certificate III in Early Childhood Education. Child Care Centre Managers generally begin as Early Childhood Teachers and move gradually up to management.

Basics of Certification of Early Childhood Education

Before applying to the course, you need to know the essentials of Certification in Early Childhood Education in Perth:

  • The course is on either part-time or a full-time basis. For full-time, you will have classes twice a week for six months. For part-time, you will have classes on second Saturdays for six months.

  • You will get schoolwork regularly, which will be 3 to 4 hours.
  • Select a self-funded course where you will need to pay a significant amount. You can get government-financed choice just as concession benefits, any place applicable.

  • Won’t have to spend more than 120 hours in a professional arrangement in any registered childcare centre. You can go to such training once a week.

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What does Child Care Course Consider?

The Early Childhood courses will teach the fundamental skills and knowledge required to function as an early childhood teacher. Mastering these abilities will enable you to design an education plan for kids. This way, you will apply for their general improvement from the beginning. Your age must be 18 years or above. A sum of 18 study units is covered, over which 15 are central units, and 3 are elective units. Among the central units, some examples are:

  • Give care to infants and babies.

  • Guarantee the well-being and security of kids.

  • Foster social skills.

End Thoughts

Perth is a lovely city to live in and find a job. You can search for accessible child care courses in Perth and get selected in any of them. However, the best-accredited organisation in Australia is Childcare Courses Perth. This certification will open the doorway to an intriguing and rewarding profession. Additionally, this course will play an essential part in choosing your blooming and prosperous profession ahead.

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