What Do You Need to Consider while Purchasing the Best Cordless Jigsaws?


The cordless jigsaws are very trendy these days, and they are one of the best tools you can have in your arsenal. You must consider several factors before you purchase this jigsaw tool. There are many affordable models available in the market, but not all of them provide quality performance. To get an idea about which model is best suited for your requirements, check out the following pointers:


The cordless jigsaw should have enough power to cut through the materials you will be working with. If you need to cut through tougher materials, then you should opt for a more powerful model.

It would be best if you chose a cordless according to your business type and the material types you will be working with. If you need to work on wood, plastics, or metal, then you should opt for a model that has high power.

Safety Features:

The best cordless jigsaw must have adequate safety features. Since the blade is located at the end of the tool, it can cut through your hands if not handled properly. You must ensure that the saw has a blade guard and a dust blower to keep you safe.

Ease of Use:

The saw must be easy to use so that you can make quick and accurate cuts. The saw should have an adjustable shoe so that you can make straight and curved cuts. It should also have a variable speed control so that you can work with different materials.


The price range varies from brand to brand and model to model. If you want a cordless jigsaws that cuts through tough surfaces, then it’s going to cost more than a simple jigsaw that is useful only on wood pieces. This being said, some brands sell extremely cheap models at very low rates.

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But only being cheap is not enough. You need to check its features and all the other factors before buying it because it can be very difficult to use such a jigsaw and will eat up your time in the long run. It may even lead to accidents.


Since cordless jigsaws come with batteries, they will not be having large cords attached to them. So, you need to choose the length depending upon how far you want it for overhead works and so on. Also, before buying one, check out its weight and adjust according to your suitability. This is because an extremely light or heavy model gets hard to use after some time.


When we say type, we mean whether it’s a corded jigsaw or a cordless model. If you require something powerful enough for a heavy-duty sawing job, you should go for corded types. But if you want to cut down the jigsaw, this is where the cordless model will be ideal.

Miter Gauge:

You will have different kinds of miter gauges with every jigsaw, so always look for one which has more tightening angles on it and can save your time. This also makes sure that there are no gaps created during the process of cutting.

Number of Batteries:

If you are about to choose between two different models, then make sure both have the same number of batteries. This way, once one battery dies, you can replace it with another one and not lose much time. Also, before making a purchase, ask for a battery life estimate.

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The size of Blades:

If you want to cut some really hard material, then it is better to look for a jigsaw that has wider blades and can get more power from the motor for cutting faster. In case you are going to work on small detail cuts, then go for one with a smaller blade length so that your hand does not have to move around while being in the same position.

Length of Battery Life:

This will depend upon how big your job is but once again, if you are doing two different jobs at the same time, then find out how much battery life both last so that you can replace them together instead of wasting time or missing complete parts because depending on the maker there might be a longer battery life for saws.


Some people are very particular about the amount of vibration that a power tool emits, and it can differ from person to person. So, if you are one of those who gets affected by the vibration, then try out the different saws in the store before purchasing.


The same goes for noise, some people are okay with louder tools, and some aren’t, so it is important to test it out before buying. It is very important to buy a jigsaw that doesn’t have an excessive amount of noise because it can cause long-term damage to your ears.

Additional Features:

While there are basic features that all cordless jigsaws must have, there are also additional features that some might find useful, such as a laser guide or an LED light. If these features matter to you, then you should check if the model has them or not.

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Edge Guide:

This is a very important feature for people who are planning on cutting an object on an inclined surface. This will help you complete your project without any issues and trouble, of course. So, look out for edge guides while buying cordless jigsaws.

Blade Change System:

Some saws come with simple blade changes systems, while some can be time-consuming to change blades. Also, check what kind of blades the saw uses before deciding which one to buy. You can ask someone at the store for assistance or read more about it online. I will recommend you to look at this site, to know more about these websites.

Final Verdict:

Here, I have elaborated on some of the key factors you need to consider while purchasing a cordless jigsaw. Now that you know how to choose the right cord jigsaw, let’s take a look at some of the best ones on the market. I hope this article was of some help. If you have any further questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to leave a comment below.

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