What Are Toxic Links and How To Disavow Them

Toxic links are the unnatural links that can harm your website’s ability to rank in search engines. You receive a penalty from Google’s Penguin update, if you have huge toxic backlinks in your website. You can however take the help of several digital marketing agencies that provide you with the best SEO services and help your website in maintaining higher rank in search engines. KOL is a digital marketing agency in London that provides you with various digital marketing services.`

Many website owners hire SEO companies to rank their websites in search engines. Some SEO companies gather a lot of spammy links or toxic links to give a boost to your website’s rank. This ultimately harms your website. It is therefore important to hire a good digital marketing agency that provides you with organic links that boost your site in search engines. KOL is one of those leading SEO companies in London that can provide you with organic links and boost your site’s ranking. It is always better to avoid those SEO companies who have still not updated themselves according to the latest practices and guidelines. Because ultimately it is going to harm your website.

Why do you need to get rid of toxic links

Toxic links are not going to help your website in any way. Moreover your site’s SERP ranking will go down and that will further badly impact your website. Sometimes Google even removes such sites from its database.

If toxic weblinks are huge in your website’s profile, Google webmasters sends you a warning message. Also you receive a penalty from Google’s penguin update and your organic traffic decreases immensely. You can always use Google webmasters tools to remove these links or reach out to a good digital marketing agency that provides excellent SEO services.

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Generally these toxic and inorganic links come from several sites that are spams and have viruses. These are the sites that are not found in Google index as well.

Difference between good Links and bad Links

Good backlinks are the links that come from a trusted site. They are organic backlinks. Good backlinks boosts the ranking of the site. Through these backlinks Google trusts your site and believes that your site provides high quality content. Thus you get a healthy SERP ranking. Good backlinks come from a reliable authentic site. Now what is a trustworthy or reliable site? Generally a reliable site is one that provides high quality authentic content and keeps itself updated all the time. So these good backlinks help your site get high rank organically. Good backlinks follow the strategy of White Hat SEO.

Bad backlinks are the links that come from an untrusted and spam site. They are inorganic backlinks and are not at all healthy for your site. Now a site looks spammy to Google when all the backlinks are coming from the same site. These backlinks are either paid backlinks or are hidden ones. They follow the strategy of Black Hat SEO. Most of these toxic links are illegitimate, however some come under Grey Hat SEO which can be trusted sometimes.

There are several digital marketing companies that are helping you in getting the good backlinks and get rid of bad backlinks. They are providing the benefits of several digital marketing services and SEO services. You can take the help of a good digital marketing agency to protect your site from these spammy and toxic backlinks.

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How to remove and disavow these spammy links

In order to get rid of these bad backlinks, you need to first separate the good backlinks that follow the strategy of White hat SEO and the bad backlinks that follow the strategy of Black hat SEO. You can delete some of the bad backlinks by yourself. However for some, you need to take the help of webmasters of the site to which these links belong to. You need to send a request to them. In order to clean a huge amount of toxic backlinks from your website, you can take the help of Google. Google webmasters tools can help you in removing these bad links. However the tools cannot remove all the bad backlinks. Few you have to remove by yourself. To get rid of these spammy links, you can take the help of a good digital marketing agency like KOL that can provide you with the best SEO services.

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