Ways to Encourage Your Child to Be Physically Active

Physical activity is one of the best ways for an individual to stay fit. It requires dedication, motivation, and willpower to pursue fitness goals. Most adults include regular workouts to remain healthy; however, when it comes to younger children, the liberty of going to the gym is not there. Hence the best way to ensure the child is physically fit, parents must introduce them to regular activities. These activities can be in numerous forms, from swimming to running. 


Over the past years, health has become a significant concern for all age groups. Hence many schools are now focusing on balancing academic curriculum and extra-curricular activities. Some of the best schools in Pune have the most diversified infrastructure and playground, thereby opening a wide door of opportunities for students. 


Lately, a child’s addiction to the television and the internet has caused a concerning alarm. The majority of the parents are now encouraging their children to engage in outdoor and physician activities. If you are a worrying parent looking for the safety of your child’s fitness, then here are some ways to encourage your child to be physically active. 


Eliminate screen time or restrict it


One of the leading causes of a child’s health problems is the amount of time spent on the screen by the child. At the onset of the Pandemic, most schools worldwide had opened their doors to online learning. It gave the students the leverage to spend more time on their smartphones and tablets, restricting their outdoor time. Now students have reached a point where outdoor activities have been out of their schedules. 

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Parents must restrict their screen time or eliminate it to ensure the child is back on the playground. Parents can start by timing their child’s screen time and, over the period, stop it. Having your child off the screen will take a few days, but it is undoubtedly a worthwhile try. 


Plan more family gatherings


We live in a world where most talks are conducted over the phone rather than in person. Parents must organize family outings more often to create a bond between other family members. For example, a trip to the museum with family, dinner at grandparents’ house, or even a family picnic can make a lot of difference and help your child engage in physical activities. 


However, mobile phones must be out of reach when such gatherings occur. It implies to the elders as children mostly pick up habits from what they see around them. 


Spread the knowledge 


Knowledge is the powerhouse of wisdom. It is highly recommended to educate the child about engaging in physical activities. The child might not be able to understand initially or at first; however, if, as a parent, you constantly remind them of the benefits of physical activities, they will learn it over time and realize its importance too. Introduce them to fitness books and sports editions to motivate them and set realistic goals to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

With the start of a new academic year and the distribution of school admission applications, it is time for youngsters to grasp the value of physical activity. Hence educate them and impart the proper knowledge for their brighter future.

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