Unique Facts about Breast Enhancement Surgery


A lot of the time when you talk about plastic surgery, you always think of it in a very serious manner and that is normal. After all you are thinking about altering the way that you look on a relatively permanent basis. However, there are unique facts about the way that the world of plastic surgery has evolved and how it all began that can perhaps help shed more light into this field and therefore help you choose the processes that you want wisely. Here are some unique facts about plastic surgery that you perhaps did not know about before.

Inspired By Monroe

Hypomania the condition where women have small breasts were not considered anything that needed treatment or change in the early and post-war years. However, after actresses that oozed sex appeals like Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield appeared on fashion spreads and showed women what it would be like to be voluptuous the trend caught on like a house on fire. It encouraged women to achieve their body goals through surgery and get the body that they always wanted to have. But today this has grown so much that all you need to do is research something like breast augmentation Australia or the like for you to get access to listed surgeons and resources through which you can get the help that you need.

Helping Forensics

Barbara Mullenix was the victim of murder and when her remains were found nobody could recognize her. But the serial numbers on her breast implants led to the identification. Today plastic surgery plays a big role in the field of forensics, allowing specialists to identify and even track down potential victims and suspects sometimes too. While it is not something that may be looked upon as a delightful fact this is one way that plastic surgery has helped modern society.

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How Satisfied Are Women With It?

For the majority of women, breast enhancement surgery has a large number of benefits. Over 90% of women who undergo this surgery are very pleased with their decision to get the implants and will also readily recommend this procedure to others. Over 80% of women have reported that their self-confidence improved greatly after their surgery so they were able to enjoy improved self-esteem. In addition to this, over 70% of women reported that they were able to enjoy a more satisfying sex life after their procedure and over 60% reported that they enjoy sex more regularly after the procedure.

Medically Approved Implants

The FDA has approved two types of implants recently and they are both encased in silicon shells. The materials that are inside these are also silicone or saline. Saline implants are usually approved for women over 18 years of age and a stable and silicone-filled implant has been approved for women over the age of 22. These two varieties are quite possibly the varieties with the least amount of complications, changes in position, and shape. Especially in the case of saline ones, even after a collapse, the saline will be absorbed into the body without negative side effects.

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