Configure TP Link Wifi Extender Setup With Ethernet Cable

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Extenders are the device that strengthens the wireless network connection by multiplying the signals. This is the most useful device to enjoy the maximum internet connectivity in all the areas of your home, office, factory, or any other location. Among various extender providers, TP-Link is one of the highly-known brands that offers the premium routers and extenders. If you have a TP-Link extender and are looking for the process to set it up, then, you have arrived at the right location. This is a comprehensive TP Link Extender Setup Website article. Here, you will get complete assistance to successfully set up your TP-Link extender.

Get an Overview of TP Link Extender

TP Link provides its users with the top-rated wireless network extenders. These extenders are perfect for enjoying excellent network connectivity. For better WiFi coverage and performance, TP-Link has designed its extenders with adjustable antennas that will help you to forget about dead zones. It will cover all the areas where the network connectivity can’t reach on its own and help you to enjoy a fast network connection. For offering a notable experience, TP-Link has designed an easy management app i.e. Tether App. Using this app, you can manage your extender right from your smart device. To have a better understanding of TP-Link extenders, you must look at some of its outstanding features.

Simple and effortless TP Link extender setup

There is more than one method available to set up your extender which makes it easier for the user to choose the one that works best for him/her. Also, the setup of the extender includes a stable connection with the TP Link Wifi Router. On completion, you can place it in an ideal location and you are done.

Remarkable signal indicator

Powerful external antennas

To help your network reach every single corner of your house or office, TP-Link extenders are designed with reliable, high-performance, and superior external antennas.

Ultimate Wired Connectivity

TP Link extenders are provided with an ethernet port that works as a bridge and helps in forming the connections. Using the gigabit ethernet port, you can link wired devices such as game consoles, DVRs, TV, etc. to your wireless network.

Procedure to Boost Wifi Using TP Link Extender

There are three distinct methods that you can choose from to perform the TP Link Extender Setup. You can either make the use of the WPS button that makes the setup process quite simple and easy. However, if your router is not supported by the WPS button, you can opt for other tp link extender setup methods. For setting up your extender using a smartphone you have to download and install the “Tether App”. Another process that you are available with is using a web browser.

To help you out with the web browser TP Link Extender Setup process, we have stated the detailed step-by-step procedure. Every step of the process is clearly defined. Make sure you follow each step with the utmost care and in the same sequence as stated below to enjoy a hassle-free TP Link extender setup.

Unbox your TP Link Extender

Start off the TP Link Extender Setup process by unboxing the extender that you have purchased. Remove all the packaging material and tapes that are covering the extender. Also, take out all the belongings of the extender that comes in the box i.e. the user manual, ethernet cable, installation CD, etc.

Turn on the Extender

Once your device is ready to set up, plug your extender to the power outlet, and switch it on. Make sure you place your extender closer to your router. On turning on your router, wait until the power LED lights to start blink and become stable.

Perform the Factory Reset of your Extender

Opt between Wired/Wireless Connectivity

The next step is to make a choice for the connection method to link your extender and the computer system. You can either opt for wired method or wireless, as per your convenience. However, a wired connection is recommended for better linkage. For a successful connection, you must ensure that your computer system is not connected to any of the wireless networks.

Wired Connection: If you opt to link your devices with wired connectivity, then take the ethernet cable and connect it to the extender and computer. Make sure you use only the ethernet cable that comes up with the product. Using any other cable might impact your connectivity. The network LED on the extender will now flash.

Wireless Connection: On choosing the wireless connectivity, you have to turn down your extender and look for the default SSID. Then, choose the same on your computer and form a connection. Make sure the wireless network LED of the extender will lit.

Move to the TP Link Extender Setup window

After you are done forming a connection, you need to update the extender settings. For this, launch any of the reliable internet browsers and enter the web address of the TP Link Extender Setup window. The URL for the same is “”. Insert the URL into the address field and press the Enter key from your keyboard. This will redirect you to the desired window.

Perform the Quick Setup of your Extender

When you hit the Enter key, you might get a popup box for your administration credentials. Enter the username and passcode to successfully reach the webpage. The TP Link Extender Setup window will now be introduced on your system. Now, you have to follow the given directions to complete the setup.

  • In the primary window, tap the “Next” button.
  • Following this, you have to choose the region you are living in. Make the preferred selection from the drop-down list and press “Next”.
  • The wireless network detection process will now commence. It will take a couple of minutes to complete its search. Wait patiently for its completion.
  • When it’s done, the list of all the nearby wireless networks will turn up on your screen. From the listed networks, choose the host TP-Link network and click “Next”.
  • The network settings of the selected connection will come into view. Here, you need to provide the security key of your wireless network.
  • Next to this, you are provided with an option to choose the SSID for your extended network. You can either use the same SSID or change it by selecting the “Customize” option.
  • After that, click “Next” and the settings of your router, as well as an extender, will appear on your screen. Review the settings and tap “Finish”.
  • The process of router and extender connection along with the settings configuration will now start. It will take up to 2 minutes to complete. You have to wait until it’s done.
  • When it’s done, the extender will save all the router settings you have done.
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Move it to an Ideal Location

Once the TP-Link extender setup is done, you can come out of the assistant window you can also learn here about TP link wifi extender setup with ethernet cable. Then, move to your extender and relocate it to its ideal location. To relish the ultimate wireless performance, you must place your extender in the location where it gets at least three bars of network connectivity. More the network bars, better the connection you can enjoy. Hence, gauge the ideal position for your extender with the help of signal indicators.

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