Top 10 types of retail boxes which will fit in the branding campaign

retail boxes

A branding campaign for every brand is a matter of life and death to it. Right and effective branding will make the brand a huge victory. While ineffective branding does not make up to the mark for brands. So, branding through packaging boxes is a common way of marketing your goods. You can do extremely well in your marketing campaign if you are using good quality Retail Boxes. These boxes are the direct first introduction of your brand to your audience. That’s why; it must be memorable and imperative for customers.

Hundreds of box styles and designs are crafted by GCustomBoxes every year to fulfill the packaging requirements of its clients. Moreover, we take custom orders for packaging boxes. Here we are going to describe the top 10 Retail Boxes that will fit in the branding campaign.

Folding Cartons

Folding Cartons are the most famous packaging boxes used all around the world. As their name depicts, these boxes can be folded down to save space. Moreover, through folding property, these boxes are easier to make again (reassembling). Thus, these boxes are one the good option to use for both retailing and shipping purposes. We have plenty of options for the customization of these boxes from size selection to printing solutions.

Rigid Box Packaging

Rigid Boxes Wholesale are the strongest packaging boxes. They are composed of the strongest and most durable packaging stockpile. Corrugated is a good option for the development of these boxes. Besides this, their durability makes them fit for expensive item shipping also. For example, when you see an iPhone packaging box, it is an example of rigid packaging also. These boxes are commendable to use for the protection of luxury retail items. Thus, for branding GCustomBoxes is making this ideal packaging for retail.

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Mailer Boxes

Some boxes are shipped as it is before any additional covering or packing. Custom Mailer Boxes are those kinds of boxes that do not require extra coverings. Therefore, using this packaging for retail purposes is ideal. Hence, you can use them as they are instead of customizing them further. These too are available in different dimensions and designs.

Corrugated Boxes

Custom Corrugated Boxes also known as corrugated cardboard boxes are ideal retailing and shipping boxes. More stock layers make these boxes perfect for delicate items’ packing. Retailers prefer these boxes for extra protection of their goods especially when it comes to delicate items. GCustomBoxes crafts them super professionally.

Slotted Container Boxes

These boxes possess a flap that is of the same length as of box. This packaging already comes with a design. So the chances of alteration are less as compared with other packaging boxes. Hence, you can alter or edit the print of the box to some extent. Moreover, tiny light-weight items are perfectly shipped in these boxes.

Paper Bags

Paper Bags work exceptionally great when it is a matter of retailing campaign. These bags are green so customers love to buy them. The addition of handles on these bags makes them convenient to carry. So, for retailing goods like apparel items, and food products, you can use these bags confidently. We offer a great custom variety of this packaging to meet your necessary retailing goods.

Paperboard Boxes

Paperboard Boxes are the best boxes that depict great printing effects. Especially to pack your favorite foods and gifts, these boxes are great. Printing, coatings, and designs on these boxes are exceptionally good. So, you can easily customize them for the branding of your popular goods. Their variety is astonishing when you will get them from GCustomBoxes.

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Shoulder Boxes

Shoulder Boxes are rare boxes that are not much common as compared with other retailing boxes. The lid and base of the box are separate. They are not attached. So, you can put your items into these boxes and wrap them with the cap. Thus, they prove very good when it’s about the presentable look of your products.

Roll End Tuck Top Boxes

These boxes are ready by simply folding their ends and then tucking them at fronts. The name of these boxes is quite complex but their manufacturing is very easy. Moreover, these boxes do not require glue or any adhesions to make them ready. That’s why they are easier to assemble than you think.

Telescope Boxes

Telescope Boxes are two-piece packaging boxes. They have a spate lid and have less width. These are spacious boxes with good presentation qualities. Hence, you can use them for multiple functions and make them worthy for retail items.

GCustomBoxes possess all of these retailing packaging boxes. Besides this, on customized orders, these boxes are made especially within 4-5 days of their final confirmation. Contact us to get these flaunting Retail Boxes Wholesale from us.

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