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The city of Pune an enormous city in Maharashtra and is ranked at the top of India in terms of quality of living. The city is known by some as being “the Oxford of the East, it is a hive with a variety of people and activities and is growing to become one of the largest metropolitan cities in the world. Pune is one of the cities that blends contemporarily and tradition, with colonial-era appeal. It is well-suited to the designation of being the capital of culture of Maharashtra.

It generally has an upscale commercial façade which lie the origins of the old Poona that gave birth to the Maratha Empire and had a significant role in the development in the process of gaining independence for India. Pune is a city that is famous for the Soho Ashram which attracted people from all over the world. It is home to the most beautiful temples and palaces. The most significant of them is The Shaniwar Wada palace and the Aga Khan Palace.

Explore the beauty of Maratha architecture and breathtaking views of Sahyadris The Singhagad Fort is an absolute must-see tourist destination. The stunning site in the Bhuleshwar Range of the Sahyadri Mountains is so stunning and has ideal trekking routes that lead to the top of the mountain cliffs.

The cuisine of Pune is huge. It includes street food to restaurants that serve diverse cuisines, and is well-known for its unique bakery items.

From a range of different sweets, pastries, and even cakes, don’t forget to try Pune’s delicious desserts.

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With this to be in mind, lets dive into the various things you can do on this site!


If you’ve always wanted fly a plane or you are an experienced pilot it is the right course for you. Hadapsar Gliding Centre is the ideal place for you to test out the latest and greatest things. Try the thrilling experience of flying in a Sailplane with two seats that gives you the complete perspective of the city. you’ll surely enjoy this unique experience. There is no need to hear those irritating engine noises aircrafts typically emit. Be sure to reserve a seat to experience this. You can experience this on a Sunday, from 9 AM and 6 pm. It’s a great value at just INR 187 per person.


Anyone who was fascinated by the historic and rustic surroundings of Bajirao Mastani will be able to enjoy this experience. It was built in 1732. Shaniwar Wada was the crown seat of the Maratha Empire and remains one of their most famous sites. The majority part of it was destroyed during an 1828 fire, it is still a place to see remains that were left of the Maratha Empire that was ruled out of this fort in Dilli Darwaza, Mastani Darwaja and other. It is situated at Shaniwar Peth, Pune. It is open all day from 9 AM until 5 pm. It’s a very reasonable price starting at INR $5 per head, and INR 25 for international visitors.


It is located in the lane of Kharadi directly in front of the Zensar building. Tandoori Chai is only found in Pune. Everybody is curious about how it is made? The procedure is quite simple. The clay pots are first made of earth. They are stored in a tandoor and are cooked. The tea, which is half-brewed is put in one of those kullhads in which it is brewed to perfection. After the chai is been cooked, it is placed in another kullhad, and served hot and piping hot, with a spicy taste. It’s located in Willtec house, which is located next to the Zensar building in Kharadi. You can go there between 6 AM until 11 pm. It will cost INR 20 for a cup.

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In 1892, the palace was built in 1892 by the in 1892 by Sultan Aga Khan, the palace is among the most breathtaking locations that is not just in Pune however, but across the whole nation. It was designed to be an extra-secure space for the poor in the city who at that time had to deal with the devastation of a flood. It serves as an art gallery and memorial to Mahatma Gandhi’s personal life. The room where Gandhi was residing has been used by the authorities and includes all of his personal belongings as well as his belongings. It is located at Gandhi National Memorial Society, Aga Khan Palace in Pune. The cost is 5 per person, and the cost is Rs 100 for international visitors.


It is situated at about 125 kilometers from Pune which offers the most stunning view of the countryside. A lot of trekkers come to this beautiful spot to climb to Garbett Point and experience the most spectacular of their plans. When you are on top the mountain, breathtaking views of numerous waterfalls, mountains, and green meadows will greet you. The breathtaking sunrise and sunset can be seen easily at Garbut Point. It takes one day to complete the journey.

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