The best approach to set-up franchise business in India

Establishing a business from scratch comes with several painstaking tasks. On the contrary, investing in a franchise that has a wide market share is an obvious appeal and quite preferable. Still, it doesn’t mean that operating a franchise is a cinch. To run your franchise efficiently, you need to have business acumen. Undoubtedly, Your franchisor will always come forward at each step to support you, but it’s your responsibility to know the nitty-gritty of running a system. If you are going to invest in a franchise business, you must take care of some critical things. You need to deal with the jolts and bolts of the business world by being a strong player. Apart from it, you should be aware of some strategies mentioned in this article to set up a flourishing franchise business.

Well, if you have made an informed decision to opt for a franchise, then you must know what you are getting yourself into. Make sure to invest in a franchise that is rapidly growing in India to earn whopping profits. Only the Education sector is one such sector that is not affected by pandemics, inflation, and a lot more factors. Thus, by investing in an Education franchise, you will be able to thrive in the market for a long period of time. If you are a novice and don’t know how to set up a franchise, read the below-mentioned points delicately.

Here is a list of points you should consider before starting a franchise business in India: 

Know your area of interest

We all are well vested with the fact that our passion decides our success in any venture. To be an entrepreneur, you must have a zeal to run a business. You need to invest in a business that suits your interest. This will surely proliferate your business. Therefore, before buying a franchise, jot down all the franchise options you are interested in. Afterwards, compare all the options by checking their brand values. This way, you can choose a good fit franchise for yourself.

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Find the right franchisor

Well, finding a suitable franchise is not enough to start a business. It is equally important to associate with a like-minded franchisor. It is crucial to check out whether the franchisor is calm and cool minded.  To inquire everything about the franchisor, you can contact the present franchisees. They will surely provide you with true information and let you know about their experience with the franchisor. In addition, you can have a direct discussion with the franchisor to ask for some imperative information. Make sure to ask will they provide regular training, will they help you to do effective marketing and a lot more. Afterward, analyze whether you are satisfied with their answers or not.

Read the FDD carefully

A Franchise disclosure document(FDD) is provided to prostitute franchisees before an agreement. This document generally contains all the information about the franchise business. From initial fees to responsibilities and obligations everything is mentioned in FDD. So, make sure to read this document carefully to see if you are financially able to start a business and willing to follow all the rules and regulations till the contract period.

Sign the franchise agreement

Once you find everything perfect, you can enter into a contract with your franchisor. After signing an agreement, you need to pay the initial fees, royalty fees and management fees. Note that signing a contract means you are supposed to abide by every rule and responsibility mentioned in the agreement. In case if you breach any rule or do something against the laws, it will drag you to some serious troubles.

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Do effective marketing

To make the audience aware of your products and services, you need to do effective marketing.  No doubt, your franchisor will support you to do marketing to a greater extent. However, it doesn’t imply you will not do anything to any marketing at a local level. Being a franchisee, it is your responsibility to capture the attention of a throng of customers in your locality. Here are some effective marketing techniques you can use for rapid growth:

  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Create a local website
  • Guerilla marketing

Human resource requirement

There is no denying the fact that employees play a significant role in the smooth operation of business organizations. Therefore, you must know the number of employees needed to run a franchise unit smoothly. Afterward, seek help from the franchisor and recruit adept staff in your franchise unit. Your franchisor will help you hire suitable employees for every role. Well, it is not mandatory to depend upon your franchisor. You can also hire appropriate employees for your franchise business on your own. However, keep in mind to select the staff carefully because unprofessional staff can affect the brand image.

Coordinate with your franchisor

Being a franchisor, you must build cordial relations with your franchisor. Make sure to attend the regular meetings and seminars conducted by your franchisor. Don’t forget to share your business ideas and feedback with your franchisor. Make sure to get the suggestion and permission of your franchisor before implementing any business plan to your franchise unit. Doing so will help in maintaining brand consistency.

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Have you made up your mind to run a franchise business? If yes, then make sure to follow each and every step to become a successful entrepreneur. Doesn’t matter whether you are opting for a coaching franchise, restaurant franchise or clothing franchise, considering these points before commencing a franchise business will be beneficial for you. For instance, if you are running a coaching institute franchise, considering all these points will help you set up an effective business to provide coaching in SSC CGL, IBPS clerk, SBI PO etc.


There is no specified time to start a franchise business, you can start anytime when you are completely ready to work as an entrepreneur. Well, don’t forget to consider the above-mentioned points to make an appropriate decision.


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