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BigCommerce is one of the best platforms to build eCommerce stores for various industry niches. Though the platform comes with outstanding default abilities, many store owners still miss the functionalities that can help the growth and sustainability of their business. The decision to hire a BigCommerce developer may seem to be the last resort, but various third-party apps can rescue you from situations.

Almost every store owner wishes to hire BigCommerce development companies for robust functionalities to engage and convert users into sales. Huge hiring costs may give you nightmares. You should consider the third-party apps that offer the winning functionalities and features for the BigCommerce store. Some apps can help you manage almost every aspect of your online business ranging from store management to promotions for customers.

Today we bring you eight of the most popular and reliable BigCommerce apps to help you with business expansion and growth while using BigCommerce as a platform to run your eCommerce business. Some of these apps don’t even require to hire BigCommerce developer for successful integration with your store.

Must-have Apps to get rewarding results from BigCommerce stores

  • Omnisend for email marketing and marketing automation

Personalized messaging can help your business to build stronger relations with customers. Being one of the trusted email service providers recommended by BigCommerce, it can help you deliver omnichannel experiences using emails, push notifications, SMSs, and more. The app comes with various pre-built automation to facilitate customer engagement. 

The drag and drop builder available with this app makes it easy to personalize the communications to match your strategies. It also uses the smart segmentation and reactivation workflow to encourage the users for repeated purchases on your store. You can avail of the free plan with limited functionalities or choose paid plans starting from just $16 per month.

  • Yotpo to build user trust and loyalty

If you visit any reputed online stores, there are high chances of finding the reviews and ratings for products on them. It is a tried and tested way for increasing the customer’s trust and loyalty to your eCommerce stores. Yotpo is a BigCommerce app that helps you integrate reviews and ratings on any BigCommerce store.

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Yotpo app comes with astonishing review marketing features that help you build a strong brand reputation. Features like automatic review requests and handy social curation make it a preferred choice over all other similar apps available these days. You can choose either a free plan or paid plans starting from just $19 per month.

  • Printful for drop shipping and custom printing fulfillment

Printful is the best app for BigCommerce stores that deal in dropshipping and print-on-demand solutions. It allows you to create custom designs and place them on products from Printful and sell them on your BigCommerce store.

It automatically imports, fulfills, and ships the orders under your branding once you integrate it with your store. Printful charges you for every order, and you can also avail of a fifteen-day free trial for it.

  • ShipStation to get products to your customers.

ShipStation is a robust shipping software that makes order fulfillment much faster and more convenient than the old school practices. The software helps to import orders from more than 150 selling channels while applying the configurations automatically.

ShipStation also helps to manage the orders, print labels, and send tracking information to the customers as soon as orders get shipped. While the paid plans for ShipStation start from $9 per month, you can avail of a 30 days trial for judging its viability for your BigCommerce store.

  • Signifyd for identifying and declining fraud transactions

Signifyd is one of the most reliable fraud protection tools for BigCommerce stores. It includes features like revenue protection, payment compliance, and prevention of abuse. Signifyd uses big data and machine learning to ensure 100% safety from fraudulent transactions while offering an automated chargeback recovery for items that are not received by the users.

  • LiveChat for a prompt response to customer queries

Your customers may face issues while using the products and services on your BigCommerce store. The buyers often tend to contact you with queries, but you can’t remain present in person for these queries all the time.

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LiveChat is a tool that helps you engage the customers with their queries instantly. The app is capable of recording the queries so that you respond to them once you are around. It also includes features like mobile chat, targeted messages, and reports.

  • Justuno for customer acquisition

Customer acquisition is one of the primary goals for any eCommerce business, and Justuno can help you with it. The Justuno app is capable of features like pop-ups to keep users informed about promotions, sales, and deals. It is the best solution for people looking to integrate pop-ups for Email, SMS & Upsell.


These were some of the popular BigCommerce apps that you should use in your BigCommerce stores for maximum productivity. If you face issues with integration feel free to hire BigCommerce developers. You also have the option to use the support services of these apps to avoid the decision to hire a BigCommerce development company.

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