Qualities That Help One Become a Good Lawyer


Many of the lawyers portrayed in TV and drama appear to be smooth and slick and that they are naturally good in their field. These are actually stereotypes that we have produced as a society which actually touch just a portion of what is the characteristics that make a lawyer good in their field.

Yes, it might be true that they are confident and are smooth in the way they carry themselves or that they are great with their words. But what actually makes a good lawyer? Here are some answers to that question.

Passion for Service

First is that just like any other professional a lawyer must be able to manifest such character to be somebody who has a passion for service. Since being a lawyer is all about being able to handle cases and being able to deliver a service that is worth the hassle and fee of the client.

There would be a lot of necessary preparations and arrangements in every single case that will be handled by the lawyer it pays to have the heart to serve as such it takes the person to greater heights in their profession than just settling for mediocrity.

Keen sense of Justice

A lawyer must also bear a keen sense of justice as a professional. So technically being a lawyer one has to be adept in the use of laws thus being able to use them for the benefit of a client be it in consultation with criminal cases.

One has to have a keen sense of justice to deliver where they see for their clients. For example, no win no fee lawyers of today are lawyers who fight for the cases of their clients, seeing that they can offer their best service to their clients they refuse to be paid if they cannot win the cases for their clients.

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Ability to Research

Even during practice and even if a lawyer has already passed licensure exams and has done with school and academics, they are still demanded by their jobs to be able to conduct detailed research because it is one of the key components in winning cases.

Their ability to research is as important as their ability to utilize the law for the benefit of their client. Finding the right information to defend their cases or to probe into the case of the opposing party is vital in each of the cases they handle. Failure to research is tantamount to failure in delivering good service.

Creativity with Arguments

Of all the stereotypes being portrayed on TVs, one of the closest to the reality and truth is that lawyers must be good with argumentation. Not just any form of argumentation they must be creative in the way they formulate their arguments one that is understandable. Comprehensible not just to their fellow lawyers but also to the judge and jury. Lawyers must have the capacity to speak boldly, clearly, and concisely so that they can deliver quality service to their clients.

If you find these traits to be inherent in yourself in terms of the capacity and capability of honing this trait to become both your professional and personal character then, being a lawyer might be fit for you.

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