Must-Have Makeup Essentials for Women

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Trends come and go but we get confused about what to keep and what to avoid.  There are uncountable brands of women’s fragrance and makeup products available globally and locally. To choose essentials among them and keep it a bare minimum is overwhelming but necessary.

Depending upon lifestyle and preferences, beauty products that we use change. But one thing that remains constant, despite circumstances or age, is that we want to look our best.


So many of us skip this part, but the primer is the first and most important makeup product to apply to create a base.  A smooth base helps to hold makeup for a long. Instead of using heavy coverage products, look for the lightweight primer, that creates a flawless base and minimises the pores on the skin. This is because lightweight formulas serve best mature skin.


The magic of concealer can make your dark circles and redness disappear in no time. The concealer can be used to mask all minor imperfections such as blemishes and uneven skin tone. When you want to look natural but at the same time hide all the imperfections of your skin, concealers are your secret weapon that can do wonder on the skin.

Tinted lip balm:

Tinted lip balm is something we all have irrespective of age and gender.  This product can be used by everyone. They are best for daily use as it keeps your skin hydrated and makes you look fresh. Lip tint with a hint of colour can also be applied to cheeks to add colour and shine to your cheeks.

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lip balm


Applying kajal to your eyes helps accentuate their eyes and make them look bigger. This is one of the quick and easy to apply that makes a real difference.  Look for a kajal that is smudge-proof and less harsh on the skin. Just one stroke or a simple line can help enhance your eyes.


Eye makeup is incomplete without mascara. It enhances your eyelashes by darkening, lengthening, volumizing and curling them. Mascara is a must-have makeup product that makes you look more awake.



Apply some blush on your cheekbones in a colour that matches your dress and occasion.  It makes your face brighter and is quick to apply, just take a little onto your fingertip, rub it gently and pat with a light hand on the apples of your cheeks, blending it upwards.

Eye shadow pallet:

Apart from kajal and mascara, using a pop of colours as it creates the illusion of depth. Eyeshades are a makeup staple that attracts attention to the eyes and helps you create different looks.


Perfumes enhance mood and keep us smelling fresh all day. A small bottle of your favourite perfume can be carried anywhere and applied anytime.

women's fragrances

These are the most important makeup product a woman should have whether going to a party, shopping, travelling or to the office.  FCP is a one-stop destination where you best quality makeup brands, such as Cheap Barry M Makeup at an affordable price without any hassle of going door to door and searching for it. Browse their range of products online at low cost.

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