Missed Call Solution: All your questions answered

missed call solution

To save up on hefty call charges, missed call solutions were introduced first. As a result, it is now used to communicate basic life updates like reaching home safely, a date going well or a delivery being made. In terms of sophistication, missed calls surpass the morse code, hands down. For example, there are multiple combinations for yes and no, as well as multiple combinations for other responses.

As an effective way for people to communicate pre-agreed topics to an interactive way for brands to communicate with their audiences, missed call solutions offer unique ways to communicate information. In short order, businesses adopted it as a pull-marketing technique to engage audiences.

Missed call solutions have grown in popularity thanks to the power of cloud technology. Marketers can use this smart blend to track and measure campaign performance and create what works for their audiences.

  1. What is a Missed Call Solution?

Missed calls refer to calls that are disconnected before they are answered. A missed call is not the same as a missed call service or a missed call solution. The features of a missed call solution are usually powered by the Cloud and typically include tracking calls, recording caller responses, and following up with an auto-notification message. We have successfully used this solution to book a table at a restaurant or schedule a doctor’s appointment. By combining cloud features such as IVR, call records, and auto-attendant, businesses are able to not only leverage missed call solutions but also gain a holistic understanding of their campaigns.

  1. How does it work?

Missed call solutions are one of the most basic functions of cloud telephony. You can deploy it either via a toll free number (1800 number) or a virtual number. The call is disconnected as soon as it lands on the missed call number. Businesses can benefit greatly from deploying an IVR system to record callers’ responses. The Cloud facilitates robust call recording, allowing businesses to gain valuable customer insight. In addition to conducting polls, marketers can access comprehensive reports to check how many callers responded and how many hung up at the IVR itself through a user-friendly portal that comes with this solution. A business can, for example, implement a missed call solution to poll potential customers about upcoming products or services. The IVR allows its customers to place a missed call on a particular number and then mark themselves as “interested” or “not interested” on the IVR using their keypads.

  1. How to create an effective Missed Call campaign for your business?

In order to create a successful missed call campaign for your business, you must choose a suitable number-toll free (1800) or a regular virtual number. Then, go crazy with the promotion! Market this number creatively using online and offline media, such as pamphlets, social media, and newspaper ads. As a result of the marketing, your customers will reach out to you. In turn, you can deploy an auto-notification service to get a follow-up with maybe a link to the website or product description.

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The main benefit of missed call solutions is that they generate leads at lower costs.

  1. What are the features of Missed Call Solutions?

Missed call solutions are a cost-effective way to generate leads and collect data about customers. Whenever a call goes unanswered, there is an opportunity! With missed call solutions, you can take care of tedious tasks, such as organizing quick polls and engaging customer surveys. Take a look at some of the features of missed call solutions.

Run simultaneous campaigns

By using cloud-based missed call solutions, you can run multiple campaigns simultaneously and meet several marketing objectives. Furthermore, using a user-friendly online portal, you can not only run but also track these campaigns.

Unlimited channels

You can receive swarms of missed calls simultaneously without losing any leads by using cloud telephony. In addition, a business with unlimited channels is more accessible to its customers and can handle more calls.

Comprehensive campaign analysis

Using robust campaign analytics with missed call solutions, you can stay on top of the latest trends in your industry. Moreover, you will receive scheduled emails on your registered email ID, allowing you to improve your campaigns continuously.

SMS Alerts

Boost your follow-up strategy with instant SMS alerts and missed call solutions. You can also improve your campaign recall with this approach. You will also be kept informed of missed calls with these SMS messages.

IVR with missed calls

Make the campaigns more interactive by using an IVR system and missing call solutions. You can use this feature to acknowledge every caller with a pleasant greeting in order to build stronger connections.

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Depending on the provider you select, these features may also be available. So consider your options carefully and take advantage of as many features as possible!





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