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lotepred eye drop

Now, Lotepred Eye Drop is a popular name among eye specialists, which is one of the most effective steroid medicines to prevent the breakdown of infection, allergies, and other conditions in the eyes. It works as a miracle drug to treat the swelling and redness in the eyes caused due to infection, allergies etc., by stopping the release of a chemical in the eye. This type of substance may create swelling and redness in your eye. Some it becomes serious. This eye drop works really great in these problems.

Dose of the eye drop:

The dosage of the Lotepred Eye Drop entirely depends on your health condition and how your body responds to the treatment. The doctor advises; avoiding taking the eye medicine longer than the prescription dose, as it may increase the risk of side effects. You need to use the drug daily basis to get the best result.

You have to use the eye drop as the recommendation by the prescription. You cannot stop taking medicine without informing the doctor. If you stop suddenly, some health conditions may arise. So it is a smart decision to decrease the dose gradually.

While taking the eye drop, you have to remove your contact lenses. With the lances, medicine may be absorbed by the lances. You should wait 15 minutes after each dose before wearing the lances. So you need to be very careful of using the medicine, if you are wearing the contact lances.

The procedure of taking the eye drop

  • First, to take the medicine you must tilt the head back.
  • After that, you have to pull down your lower eyelid and create a pocket
  • Next, hold the dropper straight on your eye and put 1 drop of the medicine in the pocket.
  • Then, gently close your eye for 1 or 2 minutes after looking downward.
  • After it, place one of your fingers at the eye corner and pressure very gently. This procedure helps to stop the medicine from draining out. Avoid blinking or rubbing the eye while taking the drop is recommended.
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Side effects

Lotepred eye drops have very normal side effects, such as a burning sensation, irritation or redness in the eye, and watery eyes. To remove these eye conditions, you do not need to visit the doctor as it resolves with time. If the side effect worsens or becomes more serious, you must inform your eye specialist. Beside these, the medication may create a blurring vision, so it is advised not to drive vehicles or operate heavy machines after taking the eye medicine.

Prolonged use of this medication, or high doses, may cause severe eye conditions such as increased eye pressure, cause cataracts. In this situation, consult your doctor immediately because high pressure in your eye may cause serious effects, including vision problems and pain in the eye. Get Valium Online

If you miss any dose, you need to take immediately after remembering. You should remember the medication cannot work properly if you cannot take it regularly. You cannot get the best result. So it is advised to take the eye drop daily basis.


  • If you have a medical history such as eye infections, open-angle Glaucoma, cataracts, diabetes, severe nearsightedness, you need to inform your eye specialists, before using the medicine.
  • After application, it may create temporary blurred vision. So you should not drive or operate the machinery or avoid any other activity after taking the Lotepred Eye Drop. To perform these activities safely, you need a clear vision. The medicine may create blurred vision.
  • Before going to surgery, you need to tell the eye specialist about the eye drop you are taking.
  • If you develop any new eye infection or injury, ask your doctor if you can use eye medicine or not.
  • Research says Lotepred Eye Drop is not safe when you are not pregnant. But, there are not enough studies on the research of the eye drop that shows it has harmful effects on the baby who is your womb.
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