Important Factors That Can Help You Shortlist The Best Pune Preschool

Best Pune Preschool

Finalizing the best international school for your kid is important, and is one of the major concern factors for parents. And, that’s when considering a range of factors becomes important. But, things become extra difficult when one is looking for Pune Preschool. Want to know why?

Why is finalizing a Pune Preschool so difficult?

Believe It or not, the preschool years are important for a child’s development. No matter, if it is academic growth, or child’s character, or personality growth, it becomes paramount what type of school, and faculty a child is being exposed to.

Further, as children develop the quality of understanding things, and embrace new learning methods during preschool years, it is critical as to when, how, and what they are taught during this phase. Moreover, it is also reflected in later years of their schooling! That’s where considering important factors become important while finalizing Pune preschool. So, let’s discuss these factors in detail!

Factors to consider while finalizing Pune Preschool


In today’s world where children are born with dynamic minds and are inclined towards distraction since childhood, it becomes paramount to modify the ways of teaching also. And, this is what makes the curriculum a worth considering factor.

While some factors might think the CBSE curriculum is good for their toddler, Montessori is also gaining popularity. This curriculum follows different ways of teaching thereby giving students an amenable, and independent way of learning, and imbibing new things!


No matter what the curriculum, or school’s status, students of Pune Preschool interact with faculty directly. This makes faculty the most important factor for shortlisting Pune Preschool. Look for the faculty’s education, expertise, and experience levels. Talk to them directly, comprehend their way of delivering education, and help students in learning new things.

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Further, to firm your confidence in faculty, talk to the parents of current, and ex-students. This would help you set the right expectations from faculty and the school’s staff!

Fee Structure

As preschool years are the starting years of school, you definitely would need best for your child but with an allowed, and reasonable budget. Thereby, it is suggested that before filling up the admission form of Pune preschool, comprehend the fee structure in shear, and complete details.

Look for the inclusions, and exclusions in the fee structure carefully. Understand term fees, and also annual fee structure. Consider if the fee is allowed to be paid in installments. This would help you arrange things on time, that too without harming your budget.

Student support

For Pune preschool, it is important to get information on student support. It is required because as students are in the initial stages of their learning, how students would be supported, and being handled in school would make them familiar with a lot of things. These can be respecting nature, harmony, and keeping empathy for students!


A school’s reputation says a lot about its education quality. So, before making that final decision on Pune preschool, considering the reputation of the school can be helpful. This can surface some insights into students’ performance, faculty support, and also the school’s education and co-curricular focus. This would also give you a clear picture of what all your kids will learn in school.

Type, and level of school

While making a final decision on admission to Pune preschool, it is said that checking the type, and level of school can decide the amenities, exposure, and help for a student. For instance, if you select individual Preschools, the resources would be limited, whereas, on the other hand, if you go for the best international schools in Pune, you would get a range of other benefits as well.

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One such school is GIIS; a Global Indian international school. It has campuses in India, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, and also in other developing countries. It provides premium support to students, and never compromises on education quality.

The facility, school staff, and even the teachers to support students in developing character, and personality are also very interactive, and engaging. Further, the students experience the right focus on studies as well as on co-curricular activities.

As a Pune preschool, GIIS has a sound reputation and has maintained an excellent result record for consecutive years. The range of records on its name further pronounces its education quality, and excellent students guidance, and development.

It’s time for the final decision!

Once you have considered and shortlisted all the essential factors you want to consider for finalizing Pune preschool, start taking action. Visit schools, talk to faculty, and other staff members, gather information, and fill up the admission forms.

And also, if you ever feel stuck at any step, consider taking the help. Be it from the admission experts, or from fellow parents who are also looking for the best Pune preschool. You can find such people on public forums, discussion groups, and other public discussion threads!

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