How Will the Goods be Packaged For Delivery in 2022?


Product damage during delivery is something everyone should avoid. But how does a packaging shipper make sure this doesn’t happen? Learn more about the key points of packaging.

Why is packaging important?

Packaging is one of the most important ways online retailers interact directly with consumers. For example, a well-designed and personalized opening experience can impress the person opening the package. It is also important to prevent products from bouncing or shattering in transit and ensure that products reach consumers safely. Proper magnetic closure rigid boxes packaging saves money because there is no need to send a replacement if the original product is damaged in packaged. It can also help maintain your store’s reputation, preventing damaged or ‘DoA’ (dead on arrival) products from reaching customers.

What packaging materials are required?

Different packaging materials are used for packaging the shipped products. This list includes some of the most common materials, but remember many other types.

  • Polyurethane bag (for light and fragile items).
  • tube for packaging
  • Small single-layer case (for smaller products).
  • Larger double/triple carton (for heavier and larger products).

Filler and cushioning material

  • packaging paper
  • peanut packaging
  • cardboard inserts
  • crumpled paper
  • Styrofoam inserts
  • plastic wrap
  • Wait.
  • adhesive tape
  • Brown plastic tape (polypropylene tape)
  • Insulating tape (vinyl tape)
  • Duct Tape (Fiber Reinforced Paper Tape)

The packaging material used depends on the product being shipped and the requirements. So here are some tips to keep your products safe and your customers happy.

Steps to attain Good Packaging

Packaging a package usually involves the following steps.

Determine the requirements of the goods and select the appropriate packaging materials. Packages go through many people’s hands, including first-mile service providers, airlines, customs, and last-mile partners before reaching the customer.

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As a result, old boxes or crates of product types that are not suitable for transport may crumble as workers drag them through the next transport stage. They can also rub against other packages or crates during shipping, causing friction and damage to the package and its contents. Due to this friction and handling, the packaging material may weaken or crack if it is not strong enough.

To know which materials to use, here are a few things to consider when choosing product packaging

Product Weight

The heavier the product, the stronger the packaging material needs to be. The box’s strength can be checked by looking at the manufacturer’s stamp. Heavier products may require double or triple the cardboard box. You can pack lighter items in polyurethane bags.

Size and shape of the product

There must be enough space for the filling material if a carton is used. The goods to be packed should not touch the sides of the box.

Product Value and Fragility  

Fragile or expensive products require more padding and protection. Boxes should be marked with fragile items in case they are needed. If necessary, you can consider the box-in-box approach discussed below.

The item to be shipped is not solid or fragile, such as a T-shirt, it can be packed in a polyurethane bag with wrapping paper. If you need cushioning and want to pack bulky items like makeup into a breakable container, the next step is to accommodate your needs.

Package all items individually.

Keep in mind that individual items may move or bump into each other during transit. Packing and filling separately will ensure that the package will not be displaced too often, and even if it is displaced, the damage will not occur.

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Items that may be affected by dust, water, or moisture should be placed in a plastic bag and placed inside the packaging. However, using magnetic closure rigid boxes can be the best option.

Filler/Buffer: No gaps, no overfilling.

Insufficient cushioning of the packaging can cause the product to be damaged by shaking in the box. On the other hand, overcrowding can cause products to burst in transit.

Adding maximum padding ensures that the product does not move within the box during shipping and that there is enough padding to absorb any shocks in transit. These are mostly used in custom packaging boxes.

If the package includes padding or cushioning material, please ensure enough space in the box to ensure the courier has enough padding. Use at least 5-6 cm of cushioning material. Examples of buffer materials are.

  • Styrofoam or cardboard inserts
  • Foam cushioning material
  • Airbag.

The rest of the cardboard can be filled with peanuts, crumpled paper, Styrofoam, or other fillers.

Use suitable sealing material.

If your order requires a carton, be sure to use the appropriate width of the tape (about 2″/5cm) to pack your rigid set up boxes. Any of the three options above should be sufficient. A polyurethane bag with its adhesive strip should be used for lightly packaged products, such as T-shirts. Ensure the bag is properly sealed to prevent it from being opened or liquids entering the package during shipping. Whenever possible, do not use straps and ropes. These can damage heavy loads and logistics providers’ machines.

Seal the box with H-type tape.

H-tape helps secure the box’s lid so it won’t open during shipping. This can be achieved by using enough tape on the center and edge seams. Remember that heavier cases require more tape to secure the seams.

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