How To Style A Casual Blazer For Men: 5 Ways

how to style up mens blazer

A casual blazer may be your go-to for formal occasions, the classic jacket may be worn for a variety of occasions, including informal ones. So, if you want to seem casual yet elegant, a blazer is a great option. Of course, there are various aspects to consider while putting together a casual blazer ensemble, like as color, material, fit, and styling. Fortunately, we can advise you on all of these issues. All you have to do is follow our suggestions, and you’ll be styling a casual blazer with elegance and flair in no time with the tips I have put together for you.

5 Best Ways To Style A Casual Blazer For A Killer Look

Although, A blazer is a type of garment that is worn for formal events. Often, there are matching slacks to go with the jacket.

Blazers may be worn with almost every attire, from casual to dressy. Also, with the finest casual blazer outfit ideas for guys, you may keep warm or cool without losing your elegance.

1. Don’t Make It A Part Of Your Suit

This is one of those “attention to detail” moments. Even if it appears to be a perfectly typical jacket on the rack, experts can always detect when a suit has been split for its jacket. The jacket’s finish and structure are too formal, disrupting the informal image you’re looking for and throwing off the entire outfit. Just let it create an elegant style by wearing it on a printed shirt for men or a T-shirt.

2. The Blazer Should Be Shorter

If you’re wondering how to wear a  blazer casually, look no further. It is important to realize that it should be smaller than the typical coat or jacket length. While casual blazers should be somewhat longer than your shirt, they always look best with jeans, casual pants, or trousers if the blazer is a bit shorter. The length of the jacket sets it apart from the formals, emphasizing your upper body structure and matching wonderfully with the jeans.

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3. Blue Jeans + Blazer

Classic blue jeans and a casual blazer are timeless outfits with many ways to personalize them. Although, for styling up differently you can wear it with different types of patterns in men’s shirts. Sometimes solid shirts or sometimes block printed shirts for an ethnic look. Avoid wearing blue casual blazers with dark pants because the navy colors will clash. However, you may wear dark denim with various hues such as brown, green, or even powder blue. To spice up your look, choose unique materials like seersucker or patterns like windowpane or plaid. Light wash jeans are ideal for more casual or trendy ensembles. The combination of light blue trousers, a tan jacket, and a white shirt is an effortlessly cool summer style.

4. Try Linen Blazers

Linen blazers are suitable for almost every occasion, including parties, meetings, and hangouts. Light colors, such as light green, airy, and others, match linen casual blazers well. They must, however, be maintained and ironed in order to appear presentable and classy.

5. Never Ever Afraid To Mix & Match

Why not a navy waistcoat and a grey blazer? There’s no reason why you can’t switch up the texture and color as long as you keep the degrees of formality consistent.

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