How Can I Setup HP Printer Get the Ultimate Guide


Setting up Hp Printer Is Incredibly Simple. You can setup all models and series of HP wireless printers and share the printer over the network so you can print using other computers and smartphones in the network.

Requirements For Hp Printer Setup

  • Remove any other Printer Driver from your PC.
  • unbox the printer and connect the cable as instructed in the manual that came with it.
  • insert ink cartridge, paper size appropriate according to your computer.
  • you would need a computer with an active internet connection to setup the printer and
  • connect the printer to the power outlet and get ready to Setup HP printer.
  • a wifi router with active internet for wifi setup and connection.
  • Let’s Get started, there are multiple methods for Hp printer setup however we will explain the most effective methods first-

The first step would be to Connect Hp Printer to wifi network then get started. you can also start the driver download first and connect with the wifi network later.

Days of installing printer driver from CD are long gone now you can setup hp printer without CD.

Hp Printer Setup

Use the Power Cord To Plug Printer From Power Outlet. After That Turn On Your Printer.
Go to your Computer and open your Web Browser and go to download the latest software for your printer from Hp driver Website.

  • Once the Hp Easy start software is downloaded please run the software and follow on-screen instructions to finish the setup.
  • Select Your Language And Press Yes. In the Next Step Please Confirm your Country And Region And Confirm Yes.
  • Set The Date Press Continue and Click Continue On Next Step As Well.
  • Folks In the Next Step It May Ask You How You Want To Setup The Printer Like Self Manage Or IT Manage
  • Since You Are Trying to install the Printer At Your Home Or Small Business We Will Recommend You
  • Select Self Manage Option And Hit Continue.
  • Carefully open the ink cartridge access door Insert The Cartridge That Came With Printer Properly And Close The Access Door.
  • Now Printer Will check the Cartridge And Prompt You For Paper, Please Clean The Printer Try And Load the Paper, Adjust it Properly And Slide the Try Inside And Close it.
  • Touch OK And Continue to your printer To Start The Initialization Process. Now Printer Will check the paper and Grant you a test print page.

In any case, if you face any problems please uninstall the driver and install it again. you can also use the Quick and simple WPS method with the help of WPS pin on hp printer to set up and connect the hp printer with wifi.

Setup Hp Printer With USB Cable

when you purchase the printer it comes with a USB cable under the printer Box. with the Help of your hp printer you can connect the computer and install the driver.

  • Turn on the printer and computer.
  • Use the USB cable to connect computer the printer with the computer. Plug the printer side with USB node of the cable and connect the cable Node aside to the computer USB port.
  • Now to your computer turn it on and make sure you have the active internet.
  • Open your Browser Like chrome. Firefox Or Internet Explorer And Type in the address bar and press Enter.
  • Download the Printer Software, Please Run The Software and Extract the application.
  • Now Hp Easy start Utility Will Help You Connect Your Printer With Wireless And Also Let you register Your Product.
  • Agree to terms and click Continue. Please Check Enable Hp Auto wireless connect And Click Continue.
  • Now Installer Will Connect And Configure Your Printer Using the Same Network Your Computer is connected.
  • Click Continue and Now Hp utility Will Download The Latest Driver And Please Install it.
  • Hp Easy Start will Make installation Easy Follow the Given Steps Only.
  • You Can Setup Scanner, Fax Machine Or Anything
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Don’t Forget to Register Your Product And Click Finish Installation.

How Do I Fix HP printer not printing color correctly

Top 10 Methods to Fix HP Printer Not Printing Color Correctly

Most people know that a printer can print in black and white, but not everyone knows that it can also print in color. Most people who use HP printers have notable issues with HP Printer Not Printing Color Correctly.

In this blog post, you will learn how to fix a color printer that doesn’t print color correctly. You will also learn how to fix a black and white printer that doesn’t print in color.

Reasons Why HP Printer Not Printing in Color

There are a number of reasons why HP printers do not print in color. It is very important to check the printer settings and make sure it is working properly.

If it still doesn’t print in color, there may be a problem with the ink cartridge. It’s also possible that the cartridges have dried out, or that the color print head is damaged. You should look for a new color ink cartridge.

You can troubleshoot your printer and get you back up and running fast! HP printers are among the best in the industry.

They have a reputation for reliability, ease of use, and a great overall experience. While they aren’t perfect, there’s no denying their quality. They are well built and come with a number of features that allow you to get the most out of them.

Methods: How to Fix Printer Color Problem

There are 10 numbers of methods to fix this issue. These are:

Method 1: Reset and Repair HP Printer

Reset and Repair HP Printer, the first method to recover the printer from the problem is to reset it. In this method, we will reset the printer in order to start it again from the initial state. Steps to reset HP printer.

How to Reset HP Printer? Open the printer and then remove the power cord. Now unplug the power cord of the printer.

After unplugging the power cord, press and hold the reset button on the top side of the printer. Keep holding the reset button for more than 30 seconds. After holding the reset button for more than 30 seconds, the printer will turn on again.

Method 2: Resolve the Printer Problem by Using Windows Troubleshooter

1. Run the Windows troubleshooter, and select the “Printer” option.

2. Click on “Printers and devices”, and then click on “Add a printer or device”.

3. A new window will appear, in which you can add the printer (or) device manually.

4. In the “Choose a printer or device” dialogue box, select the printer (or) device from the list.

5. Select the “Connect” option, and then click on “Next”.

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6. The following dialogue box will appear, which will ask you to specify the port for your printer.

7. Select the port number (as shown in the image below), and then click on “Next”.

8. A new window will appear, which will ask you to specify the driver for the printer (or) device.

9. Select the driver from the list, and then click on “Next”.

10. Now the device will be added to your system, and you can print from it.

Method 3: Repair HP printer using driver and software

Download the printer driver and software from the manufacturer’s website and install it on your computer. To download the printer driver, click here or visit the manufacturer’s website. To download the software, click here or visit the manufacturer’s website.

Method 4: Fix the Printer driver

1. You need to find out the exact driver that is installed in your system and install the latest version of it. Steps

2. Open the command prompt. Press Windows key + R, type “cmd” and press Enter.

3. Type “print spooler” in the command prompt and press Enter.

4. You will see a list of printers installed on your system. Select the printer you want to fix. Press Enter.

5. Now run the command prompt with administrator rights and type “net stop spooler” and press Enter.

6. Next type “spooler” in the command prompt and press Enter.

7. This will start the spooler service. After it’s started you need to remove the driver and then install the latest version of it.

8. Now remove the driver by typing “Devcon” and pressing Enter.

9. Remove the driver by pressing “X”.

10. After the driver is removed, install the latest version of it by typing “Devcon” and pressing Enter.

11. Reboot your system.

Method 5: Repair Printer Hardware

You need to replace the hardware. If it’s a laser printer, then it’s an easy fix. For inkjet printers, you need to replace the printhead. I’ve heard of people replacing the laser with a LED, but I’ve never seen it work.

If you’re in the market for a new printer, you should get one that does both laser and inkjet printing.

I’m not sure if your problem is related, but I had a similar problem with my printer. The print heads were clogged up, so they couldn’t print properly. I got rid of them and replaced the heads with the original ones.

The only problem was that my new print head didn’t have the same life span as the originals, and after about 6 months, it started going bad too. So I had to replace the whole thing again. If you want to do it yourself, you can get a new print head from Epson, Canon, HP, etc.

I don’t remember which company makes the original heads. But the idea is that you get a new head, and you’ll be good for another 5-6 years.

Method 6: Remove the ink cartridge and Refill it

It’s not a big deal, but it has to be done carefully so that you don’t break your printer. In order to do this, you need to access the ink cartridge slot (the one on the top of the printer).

Remove the top cover (it screws into place) and there should be a small screw holding the top of the ink cartridge in place. If you have a newer model, it will be a Phillips head screw.

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You may also need to remove the power cord before removing the screw. The ink cartridge is held in place by a spring-loaded mechanism. Once the screw is out, gently pull the cartridge out and you’ll find that there are two tabs on either side of the cartridge.

These tabs are used to keep the cartridge in place and also to make sure that the cartridge isn’t going to fall out of the slot when you push it back in.

Once you have the cartridge out, take a look at the back of it. If you can see the paper roll, then you need to replace the cartridge.

If the paper roll is not visible, then you can remove the cartridge and use it for your refills. Either way, you will need a replacement cartridge.

The ink cartridges are available in two sizes: 4ml and 6ml.HP.

Method 7: Enable the Printer Color Command

Most of the users want to know how to enable color printing on an HP printer? It is not enabled by default.

To enable it, you must run the following commands. sudo dpkg-reconfigure cups-daemon and then make sure that you have a printer installed on your system and run the above command again. sudo apt-get install –reinstall cups Now you should be able to print in color.

Method 8: Restart the HP Printer

Restart the Printer If all of the above methods fail, then the last method to recover the HP printer is restarting the printer. This method restarts the printer by turning it off and then on again. Steps to restart the printer

1. Unplug the printer from the computer.

2. Turn off the printer.

3. Plug the printer back into the computer.

4. Turn on the printer.

5. Press the power button to turn the printer back on. The printer should come back to life

Method 9: Repair the Printer

it is very easy; you can do that by yourself. You just need a simple tool and your skills. The main problem with this printer is the paper sensor. In order to repair it, first, you need to remove the back cover.

You can do that by pulling the screw on the left side of the printer. Then remove the screws that hold the front cover to the printer.

After that, you will be able to open the back cover. If you want to do it yourself, then you should search for the instructions of your printer.

You should also check the ink cartridge. The problem with this kind of printer is that the cartridges are not very cheap. So, you should buy a new one every time you need to refill the cartridge.

It is very important to do that because it is the only way to keep your printer working properly. If you don’t do it, then you will have problems with your printer and you won’t be able to use it and you need to check it from the repairing center.

It can be a good reference for people who want to use HP print. I agree that it is really important to have a printer that can print in color as well as black and white.

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