Google Pixelbook 12in Performance

Google PixelBook 12in Features

Google Pixelbook is the world’s first smartphone to feature a large screen and features a keyboard-like keyboard as well as a touch-sensitive display. It’s a fantastic combination and it’s also an smartphone. It is fast and responsive, with a lot great features. Google’s new offering also has a great camera. It boasts a 12.3 inch display which is perfect for traditional photography or video surveillance. The display is touch-sensitive, making it ideal for voice and touch typing. Google’s latest Gle Pixelbook 12in range is starting to look a bit expensive. (Read: $1,000). We have some great deals for you! Continue reading to find out more and see our test photos.

What is the Pixelbook?

The Pixelbook laptop is first and foremost a laptop. It is not a smartphone in that it does not have an internal battery nor any charging method. It is simply called a laptop. The idea behind a laptop is the same: large display with touch-sensitive screen and built-in camera. There are many models that include a dedicated camera, but you can get more.

While the Pixelbook shares many design features with other high-end laptops, it has some design differences that can affect its price. The 15-inch model has a glass screen while the 12-inch model has a sapphire display.

Google Pixelbook 12in Design

The screen is the most noticeable design difference between them. The Pixelbook has a large 16:9W screen, while the 12-inch model has an 18:10W. The Pixelbook is a superior keyboard and has a distinctive design that features a protruding keyboard. It looks different than all other models.

The Pixelbook’s display measures 5.62mm thicker than the 12-inch model’s 5.26mm, but this is only a slight difference.

Google Pixelbook 12in Performance

There is only one real difference between these two models: the type of processor (i.e. the Pixelbook’s processor is faster) as well as the RAM (though the Pixelbook has significantly less ram).

The screen’s animation speed is an indicator of processor speed. Pixelbook displays at a higher resolution than the 12-inch model. This allows for more detail in the visuals.

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The Pixelbook’s display measures 5.62mm thicker than the 12-inch model’s 5.26mm, but this is only a slight difference.

Although the Pixelbook’s battery lasts longer than the 12-inch model’s, it is a sign that the Pixelbook will have a longer battery life.

Google Pixelbook 12in Software and Features

When choosing the best Google Pixelbook, it is important to consider how your computer operates. You should consider other options if you intend to do a lot of graphic-intensive tasks like gaming or photo editing.

These are the features to consider when choosing a model.

  • CPU:
  • The more powerful the processor, the better the computer will be.
  • Memory:
  • It is easier to store information if you have more memory.
  • Graphics:
  • Your application will become more complicated the more you do.
  • RAM:
  • Additional memory can be used to store more data, and increase the size of the application.
  • Display:
  • You will be able to see the larger image and brighten the objects in the room thanks to the extra space.
  • Camera:
  • You can take amazing photos and videos with the camera
  • USB:
  • The micro-USB charging cable included is perfect for charging and long-term storage.
  • Conclusion:
  • You’ll now have a smartphone that can be used for all occasions.

Google Pixelbook 12in Screen & Speakers

The Pixelbook’s screen is a work of art. It’s beautiful and looks almost like a painting. The 12-inch model’s screen is 18:9 WQHD (wide range of colors), while higher-end laptops have the standard 18:10 WQHD.

The Pixelbook features an LED backlight which allows the screen to light up and illuminate the room. This is a useful feature that can be used for nighttime visuals.

The maximum brightness is 3000cd/m2 with a maximum saves brightness of 50cd/m2. This is enough brightness to see through trees and walls for night vision.

  • You have the option to choose between a wide-angle view of 30 degrees or 50 degrees.
  • Google Photos allows you to view photos and videos on the display.
  • You can also use the camera built in to take photos and videos.
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Google Pixelbook 12in Security

Many people worry about the security of their laptops, but not all. Although the Pixelbook comes with a screen protector built in, it is only legal for those who are located in the U.S. It is a good idea to keep an eye on security as encryption can be very sensitive. It’s a good idea to set up a low-key password system on your computer. Also, make sure your passwords are different and easy for you to remember. The same password can be used on both your computer and phone so that you don’t need to look in two places.


Cameras can be a great way for your phone to stand out from the rest of your household. To give the photo a professional look, choose a bright background and a bright field. As you can see in the below photo, the Pixelbook features a night-vision camera that is high-quality. Avoid using the Pixelbook in low light if you are in an area with strong lighting. It could make your shot look terrible.

Charging Speed

This is a huge problem, but we have dealt with it before. The Google Pixelbook is fast charging and even has a quick charge indicator to let you know when it’s fully charged. However, we recommend using a faster charger if this is your preferred method. It will work fine. However, it is best to use the cable that came with your device.

The most recent updates

Although we don’t usually like new updates, the most recent version of Google’s software actually is quite exciting. The new feature, Pixelbook Pro, gives you more storage space and costs only $999. It allows you to use Google Photos on your phone, which is exactly what we do on our computers. You also get a lot of other great features, such as voice control and a video camera.

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Price & availability

This phone will likely cost you a lot, and you may even need to purchase it from an authorized retailer. It’s not surprising that it’s so expensive. It is not affordable, but it is not expensive at all. It is a high-quality phone with great specs and definitely worth every penny. This phone is expensive so you will need to save. This is one of our most expensive Android phones, so we recommend shopping around for the best deal.

Pros & Cons

We have already spoken about how much we love the new phone. And that’s not all. We’ll be discussing the new features and camera in more detail below. Let’s not forget the price. This phone has one major problem: it is very expensive. The full phone costs around $1,000 and the data plan is $500. This is way, way too expensive for a phone you will only use a small amount of.

Photo editing features

This is the Google Pixelbook that we love the most. It’s also one of many new features we love about this phone. The phone can be easily customized with black and white editing apps and toner. This makes them look professional. You can add your own apps to the phone. This will make them look as professional in real-time, as well as the photos you took during the shoot.


Google’s latest device has a large screen, beautiful design and high performance. The Google Pixelbook is among the most important software-based computers ever made. The Pixelbook is a great replacement for any laptop that lacks a touch-sensitive display and large display. This could be your best buy ever.

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Google PixelBook 12in Features

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