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China is one of the most idyllic places in the world. For various reasons, China has become a focal point for a wide range of people. People say that exploring China is easier than exploring the rest of the world. It could be true because of the visa processing agents. Many people wish to visit China at least once in their life, and the China visa application process matters a lot. It would help if you learned everything about the china visa, and for that, this post will help you:

Is a visa required for entry into China?

Some people think this question is silly, and from their point of view, a visa is mandatory when you step out of your country. Yes, most countries will need a visa to enter China. However, whether this applies to you will often depend on how long you plan to stay in China. The United Kingdom and the United States can enter China without a visa for 72 hours if they are transiting through Beijing to another country. Though you are visiting China as a tourist and intend to stay longer than 30 days or not have a next destination, you will require a full Chinese visa.

List of basic documents required for the china visa application process

Not only for china but in every country’s visa application process, you need to submit some documents. Documents are mandatory, which will move your application process forward. Some basic documents for the china visa application process are listed here:

  • Passport – Original passport valid for at least six months and with at least two blank visa pages. One photocopy of the data page of a valid passport, which includes the data page and the photo page.
  • Visa application form – If you are eligible for the China Online Visa Application system, you must fill out the electronic form on the official website, answering all questions step by step.
  • Photo – Two front passport-size colour photos of a bareheaded person taken recently.
  • Proof of Legal Residence or Stay – If you are not applying for a china visa in the state or region of your citizenship (nationality), you must provide an original and a photocopy of a valid certificate or visa proving your legal stay, residence, work, and study in the residing country.
  • Previous Chinese visa or passport (apply to former Chinese citizens who later joined to foreign nationality) – If you previously obtained a china visa and are now applying for a new Chinese visa with a new passport, you must provide a photocopy of the previous passport’s data page as well as a copy of the previous Chinese Visa.
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How to apply for a china visa?

Check about types of visa 

In China, you can find several visas, such as L, M, F, X, S, etc. You need to know which one is for you. Depending upon the purpose of your travel visit to China, you have to choose your visa type. For example, if you schedule to visit China for a tour, then the visa L will be your china visa.

Buy the application form

The next and important step is buying the application form for the china visa. There are many ways to buy the application, and the best way is to seek help from the China visa services agents. They will help you to get the application form in your hand. Alternatively, you can prefer the online application form. When your application starts to proceed, you will attend an Interview.

Prepare the documents 

Documents about you are essential when you are applying for a china visa. A passport and visa application form and a recent photo are required documents for all types of visas. The required documents are hotel booking or travel agency booking details for a tourist visa, admission letter for a student visa, and job offer letter for a work visa. Other supporting documents are required, but they differ depending on the type of visa you are applied.

Submit the application 

Now, you need to submit your application form. Normally, your application can be processed overnight and picked up the following afternoon, though some offices may offer same-day service if you arrive shortly after the office opens. In general, apply for it as far ahead of time to allow for any delays.

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Pay the fees 

Never apply for a visa at the last minute, and it is better to apply for the visa at least two months before the date of your plan to china. When you submit the application form with the correct details, you may get the pick-up slip. Visit the place on the slip and pay the fee for your visa. Once you finish the payment, you will receive your china visa.

Bottom line: 

Hopefully, now you may get deep knowledge about the china visa through the details mentioned above and use the information properly.

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