Everything One Needs to Know Before Calling the Pest Control

Everything One Needs to Know Before Calling the Pest Control

Pests are like uninvited guests at our home. Pest control is necessary as it protects from harmful insects that can cause public health issues and costly property damage. The rodents and insects carry diseases, infest the kitchen and bedrooms and create havoc. Rodents can leave their faeces on or near food they find in your kitchen. If you accidentally eat contaminated food, you can become very ill. 

You can call a professional pest control service or use DIY methods to keep cockroaches and insects away from your home. Since chemical pesticides are toxic, you can make use of DIY methods. The residual effect of some insecticides and pesticides lasts for three months or more, and they linger in your home for that period, so it is essential to take a few precautions when opting for such pest control treatments.

Given below are some things one should take into consideration before calling the pest control-

1. Vacate the space

It is crucial to vacate your space after you call pest control services ultimately. It is recommended that all children below four years of age refrain from entering an environment that has undergone pest control. You should stay out of your home for a minimum of three to four hours for your safety.

2. Access

Removing any large piece of furniture from the corners of your home is essential. This will give straightforward access to pest control professionals. If you don’t remove these large pieces, they can get into the corners where most pests tend to lurk. This also means that your furniture and appliances are safe from spills from the harmful sprays of the chemicals used during the treatment. 

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You should also ensure that your clothes, make-up, and cosmetics are packed away and covered in plastic wrapping. Removing all the bed sheets, covers, pillows, and mattresses is crucial. It is important to store them away. It would be best to protect your sofas and tables with plastic wrapping.

3. Kitchen and dining area

You should move the small kitchen appliances out of the kitchen, and if this is not possible, you should unplug and cover them through the plastic wrapping. All the kitchen sinks should be sanitized appropriately after the treatment. The perishable items and food should be stored in thick plastic containers. There are some pests that can chew through the thin plastic hence, it is essential to keep things like spices and chips inside.

4. Pets

They are usually susceptible to the chemicals used during pest treatment. It would be best if you dropped off your pet at a neighbour’s place for the duration of the pest control treatment. You can also get your pet a flea or a tick treatment. If you have aquariums at home, you should cover them with plastic. 

Many people take the service of Pest Control Geelong which provides the best inspections for several types of pests such as termites and mosquitoes at affordable prices.

5. Paintings and flower pots

The paintings might have a severe chemical effect, and they might get affected. You should put the plants on the balcony where they won’t be sprayed.

6. Discard any food that is left outside

If you have accidentally left any food outside, you should throw it in the garbage. Pest control professionals use chemicals that might affect the food’s integrity. Hence, it would be best to dispose of the food left outside.

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7. Do not clean immediately

The pest control professionals at Geelong are trained, and they will not leave behind any mess. Once they are done with the pest control treatment, there is no need to sweep and mop the area immediately. You should wait for some time before you wipe off your home. If you immediately wipe off the baseboards, it reduces the effectiveness of the treatment. The pest control treatments are customized according to your needs. 

8. Repair any leaks

If you have any leaks or drainage pipes in your house, you should get them fixed as soon as possible. The water from leaks serves as an entry for the pests, and it may lead to an infestation as the pests like to lurk in places that are damp and moist.

9. Avoid leaving the paper around

Paper can be a source of food for many pests. You should keep an eye out for the wet paper and brown bags. You should not store the old newspapers and magazines near the kitchen.

10. Keep checking for pests

After you are done with the pest control treatment, you will likely find dead pests in the house. It is essential to make sure that you keep an eye out, check for the trouble spots, and keep them clean. 

11. Clear cabinets

You should clear the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom cabinets for the chemicals to be sprayed. You can put all the items back in the proper place after three to four hours.

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12. Store the food and the utensils safely

It is important to clear your kitchen of all the food items, beg them, and keep them covered in an airtight container. You should store the utensils and wash them prior to using them the first time after the pest control. It is extremely necessary to take all the precautions to avoid the accidental contamination of the food by the insecticide.

13. Cover your nose while cleaning

Post a pest control service, you should clean your home and cover your nose. You should not inhale the chemical directly. It is mandatory to wear gloves and wash hands regularly.

Side effects of pest control on your health

It is very important to protect the wear and tear of your body after you enter your home when the treatment ends. Following are some of the points you need to consider-     

  1. The chemicals used for pest control are strong, however, they are not lethal to humans. If one is sensitive to certain chemicals or has allergies, they should stay outdoors for some time during the pest control process.
  2. Once the odours clear out, you can return home safely. The organic treatments use concentrated chemicals that are extracted from natural sources. They cause fewer health problems and they are weaker in treating the pests.

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