E-racing bikes: riding fun and training without obstacles

Sport and fitness training with an electric motor – is that possible? Definitely: e-racing bikes show how this can work. It is made possible by the light construction, a sleek frame construction and engines that are forgotten beyond 25 km/h.

What is an e-racing bike?

For some, the e-bike offers a way to commute easily through city traffic, for others it is an investment in the upscale fun factor. Because the thrust of an electric motor is not only practical, but of course also fun. The electric motor has therefore also recently conquered the world of racing bikes.

Racing bikes are generally characterized by their sporty characteristics. Everything here is designed for speed. The tires have the lowest rolling resistance and the frame weighs a fraction of what average city or trekking bikes weigh. The bent seating position also ensures minimal wind resistance. The racing bike handlebars, which are bent downwards so that you can grip them on two levels, are also typical. It’s a little more comfortable upstairs, downstairs you can dodge the headwind even better.

A racing bike is usually a piece of sports equipment. Although you can also use it for commuting and in city traffic, there are a few characteristics that speak against it: The seating position is rather unsuitable for long tours, especially with luggage, at least on a thoroughbred racing bike.

In addition, the field of application of the tires is very limited, because without tread even gravel roads are a little adventure. The frame is stiff and thus has excellent properties for sporty rides, but it also lets you feel every pothole, no matter how small.

Racing bike and electric motor – do they go together?

A racing bike therefore feels most comfortable on well-paved or asphalted surfaces. Country roads, promenades and well-kept cycle paths: Here you can really accelerate with the e-racing bike such as gforce t42 ebike. Racing bikes are the most fun on afternoon training sessions or as part of smaller group tours.

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But how does an electric motor fit into the sporty bike? Many cyclists resist the idea of ​​equipping a training device with an electric motor. Where is the personal contribution? However, a blanket condemnation misjudges the reality: e-racing bikes are usually not equipped with full power. The support of the motor is actually only intended as such. You do most of the work yourself.

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