Dental Implant Procedure: The Step-by-Step Guide

dental implant procedure


The dental implant procedure has been around since the 1940s, so it’s far from new technology. Still, today’s patients are often unfamiliar with how the process works or what to expect at each step of the way, which can cause undue anxiety and fear. By breaking down the dental implant procedure into its individual components, your dentist can help you understand what to expect throughout the process, helping you feel more confident about your decision to have this procedure and address any potential concerns you might have before they arise.


The First Step Is To Consult With Your Dentist

Once you have decided that dental implants are the best option for your needs, your dentist will perform a consultation to assess whether or not you are a good candidate. If you are a good candidate, the next step is to schedule surgery.

During the consultation, your dentist will examine your jaw and teeth and determine how many implants will be needed in order to restore lost tooth structure. Your dentist may also take an x-ray of your jaw, which can help them see what type of implant would be best for you and if any further procedures need to be done before the surgery.


Next, The Abutment Will Be Placed

The abutment is a small metal piece that is screwed into the top of the two sections of crown. This will act as a connection to which the artificial tooth can be attached. A dental implant procedure typically begins with an oral exam and X-rays to determine if there are any problems in the mouth that would preclude placing implants. Once it has been determined that everything is healthy, your dentist will take an impression of your jaw. Your dentist will then send this impression to a lab where they will create a custom abutment for you based on their analysis of your jaw’s structure and size.

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After That, The Implant Will Be Placed

1) A hole is drilled in the jawbone.

2) A titanium implant is inserted into the hole.

3) Bone is grafted to the top of the implant.

4) After a few months, more bone grows and fuses to the implant.

5) Gums are then pulled over the new tooth and it can be used right away.

6) It can take up to 18 months for all healing to occur before your final dental crown can be placed on top of the implant.

7) Finally, after a year of healing, you’ll return to have your final dental crown installed!


Finally, The Crown Will Be Placed

The final step in the dental implant procedure is when the dentist will place a crown over the tooth. This crown can be made of porcelain, plastic or metal. Porcelain and plastic are more natural looking and are preferred by most patients. Porcelain is more expensive than plastic but it also lasts longer.

Some dentists have special deals on dental implants houston with dental insurance companies that cover full treatment costs up to 50%. Find out if you qualify for these benefits. It’s worth the call to find out what you’re entitled to before you make your next appointment. Once your dental implants surgery is done, it’s time to get comfortable again! Be sure to take good care of your teeth after this procedure. Brush and floss regularly, eat healthy snacks, drink plenty of water. And go for regular dental visits (at least twice per year). And don’t forget about taking care of yourself emotionally. Give yourself permission to take a break from eating too many carbs and sweets. Getting enough exercise every day as well as getting enough sleep each night.

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