Covid-19 Testing is Still Necessary for International Travel

Covid-19 Testing

The pandemic has surely slowed down, but it isn’t over yet. People are still catching the virus in different parts of the world, and no one can predict the severity of the next outbreak. Though all the countries have taken precautions at their local governance level, the virus is still mutating and spreading. Due to these incidents, you need the Covid test for travel, and in some countries, you need these test results for domestic travel.

The test result is necessary at the airport, especially for international trips. It is not just the necessity of your boarding country; the country where you land will also be checking your results. Now, there is no way you can negotiate this thing with the authorities, and unless you have the proper certificates and test results, you cannot fly.

The article will list the critical Covid-19 tests you can do and when you should take the Covid-19 test.

Various Covid-19 tests

The Covid-19 test can detect the antibodies as well as the SARS-CoV-2 virus in your body. The procedure for testing the virus is called the viral test, and the one for antibodies is called the antibody test. People can choose any of these tests for testing the presence of a virus in their body, but some transportation services may ask you to do specific tests.

The first case of coronavirus was discovered in January 2020. As per the latest survey, around 7,719,719 people have tested positive in the country (11 June 2022), with over 9217 deaths, the situation is still dangerous. The case counter is ever rolling and as country borders are re-opening, read further to know more about COVID testing.

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You can understand more about these tests by reading the following points:

Viral Tests

This one is the basic test that finds the virus in your body. It will identify the SARS-CoV-2 virus responsible for Covid-19. The healthcare staff will collect the samples from your nostrils or throat for the test. This test can be divided into two categories:

  • Rapid Point-of-Care Test
  • RT-PCR Test

Antibody Test

This is another test that can recognise any old antibodies of coronavirus in your blood. Are you confused about the antibodies and what they do? They are proteins created by your immune system to kill infection. Finally, antibodies protect you from getting ill; hence, they work as a protective shield for your body.

As it only recognises previous infections in your body, you can’t utilise antibody tests to analyse present conditions. Further, are you aware of the fact that you might test positive if you take an antibody test after the vaccination? So, airlines and airport security don’t prefer this type of test.

When Does One Require a COVID-19 Test?

The Covid-19 test is necessary for international travel, but when should you take this test? When does it become an absolute necessity?

You should take this test when:

  • When one is symptomatic
  • One gets in contact with an individual who tested positive.
  • Prior and after the trip
  • For getting proper medication
  • You are asked to show a test report.

Still, the question remains. A Covid test for travel is necessary, but which one should you take? Different authorities ask for different test results, though the airline and airport security always prefer the RT-PCR or the viral test.

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If you have the RT-PCR test results, you will be allowed to travel on all of the airlines and will be allowed to enter the airport.

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