Bubble Wrap: What is The Correct Way to Use It?

Bubble Wrap Roll

Bubble wrap is a very common packaging material, which is used to safeguard delicate products that are to be delivered to customers safely. It’s comprised of strong plastic with ‘bubbles’ or air pockets on one side, making it excellent for safeguarding goods. Most individuals are unaware of the correct method to utilise this lightweight packaging material. This can result in bubble wrap roll being used incorrectly, causing damage to the products, which they are designed to protect.

In this article, we will learn what is the correct way to use this packaging material.

The Correct Way to Use Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap may be utilised in a variety of applications. It is used to wrap goods and the air pockets that it has can lend a cushioning layer to protect them in transit. You are mistaken if you assume bubbles should face the outside when wrapping the bubble sheet around the products. The bubbles and air pockets should face the interior of the package. This will ensure that the item wrapped inside the wrap will remain protected if the package is bumped or manhandled. The bubbles serve as cushioning, preventing the goods inside from any damage.

The bubbles pointing inwardly give a greater cushioning for wrapped products.

The exterior material of the wrap is less cushiony. The bubbles facing inside will ensure to decrease the item’s mobility during shipping. Putting the packing tape to the bubble wrap’s flat side will be simpler than using it on the side of the air pockets. It will also make labelling effortless.

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When bubbles will face the items wrapped within them, they will ensure to protect them in a better way. The air pockets are delicate and can be pierced by sharp things if they face outside. If the bubble wrap is not damaged, it can be reused to wrap another item. The wrap is also regarded as an eco-friendly packaging material. Nothing better than this if you are looking for a high level of protection.

The exterior side of the wrap is constantly exposed to the weather and dust when the product is shipped. It may accumulate dirt and filth when stored or in transit. The plain side must face outside since it can be effortlessly cleaned. On the other hand, if the dust gets inside the groovy area or crannies on the side of the bubbles, it might be difficult to remove it.

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Using The Incorrect Side?

When you use the incorrect side of the bubble wrap, there are chances of potential damage to the bubbles or the air bags. Sharp things within or outside the parcel can puncture the air bags. Your product inside can be ruined, and the bubbles will no longer serve the purpose of cushioning.

If the incorrect side of the parcel is outward, it will be difficult to tape the parcel easily. The air bags will not let the adhesive adhere properly to the pack. Adhesion might be hampered by uneven surfaces. The tape will become loose in some time and you will have to tape it again. And if the tape is loose, it will not be able to hold the object in its proper position. The item will move freely, resulting in scratches and breakage of the product.

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Summing Up

Your products are protected by bubble wrap against bumps, scratches and other hazards.

Your item may move if the wrong side of the bubble wrap is facing outwards, making it more vulnerable to harm, especially scratches.

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