Best Employee Intranet Solution Features You Must Look For:

  1. Document management in the employee portal

Companies are heading for the paperless generation. With automation overwhelming, fast, high-quality access to technology and data takes time. In such a dynamic future, a revolution in data management is predicted. Companies are working further on online spreadsheets, documents, and slides. With the growing demand for SAAS around the world, it is very important to successfully integrate features like Document Manager into the corporate intranet portal.

By keeping your documents safe, your employee intranet solution teams can better understand the organized structure. Information sharing, worksheet discussions, document tracking, and many other great features allow teams to do more work and increase employee involvement. We recommend that you add document management capabilities to your Corporate Intranet Portal.

  1. Event management

Whether you’re a small, medium, or large company, events always happen in and around your company. These events include formal events, fun events, business events, and cultural sharing events. Events are the most fascinating activity of any organization. You need to be notified in advance for the event to be successful. Event management plays an important role here in any organization.

The corporate intranet portal’s event management system keeps everyone up-to-date about events that have occurred or are about to occur in the company. This digital feature makes it easy for your company’s event management team to create and manage events. Event management can help you increase employee engagement by posting upcoming fun events. This creates a great community and people want to collaborate and come up with ideas right away.

  1. Social Connect
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There can be many employee intranet solution working as outsourcing partners for various projects. The Social Connect option gives these offshore people the opportunity to connect with others in their organization under the employee portal. This effectively gives you the opportunity to reach people and makes you feel like you’re part of the company, creating a great work culture.

By making social intranet tools available, businesses can focus their Employee Intranet Solution without sacrificing the usefulness of social media. This reduces the use of social media by employees during working hours. People who use social media during working hours have a direct impact on productivity and can have an indirect impact on quality.

  1. Internal job listings in the employee portal

People who work in an organization are visionary. They expect growth in both learning and income. Therefore, companies prefer to keep such corporate intranet portal on the team for long periods of time. People continue to change roles within the departments of the company, leaving vacancies. The excellent internal job listings feature of the employee intranet solution allows other employees to track available jobs.

If their skills don’t match your internal jobs, you can start upgrading yourself for future opportunities. This is the best way to encourage corporate intranet to become more aware of industry demands and make skill acquisition more dynamic.

This could also go in another direction. You can encourage employees to introduce people for the opening, get the best candidates, and reduce the money spent on hiring.

  1. Extensive search
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Search options in the employee intranet solution can reduce complexity. Search makes your work easier because you can grill down the information you need from the vast number of resources available in the employee portal. This will speed up employee searches. Therefore, you can trust to use the portal for all your needs.

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