Best child care scheduling software 2022

child care scheduling software

When you started your child care center with a few clients that you could focus your attention on. You started your center because you loved teaching and taking care of toddlers or kids. You didn’t start your center because you love scheduling your day, sending bills, collecting payments, and worrying about how you’ll promote your center. In the beginning, you could manage them with comfort. It was a pleasure for you to spend most of your time with the children.

Child care is not just babysitting, it has got all the tools to help your kid to enhance their communication and develop their mental abilities through play and learning the process and that’s how playschools have got their utmost importance nowadays.  Early learning centers are more than simply places that take care of the child while their parents are at work, they give children the tools to succeed in the future. 

And now, fast forward only a couple of years. You’re pulling your brains out because you have more children at your center. Not because you don’t love teaching and caring for them, but because you have to balance the administrative end for inviting more clients to your child care center.

Child Care Management System

You’re stressed out because you can’t focus on what inspired you to kickstart your business in the first place. You’ve lost touch with your passion!

You also have a tremendous amount of flexibility when it comes to the exact services you choose to offer but you don’t find time to attract the numbers. Hence, you may limit your clientele to children in certain age groups or tailor your operating hours to meet the needs of a particular market segment. If you want to set more milestones for your child care center you need to find ways to boost your productivity and maintain your staff with greater efficiency. Wondering how? 

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With the enhancements of technology in the fast-growing world, simple software can help you add wonders to your business. All you have to do is sign up with Picktime online scheduling software that is absolutely free of cost and readily accessible from any device connected to the internet. Want to know more about the added benefits of using Picktime for your child care services? 

1. Online enrollment or bookings

Most of the parents can’t find enough time to meet you personally before enrolling their kids. They often get attracted by the ease and comfort while booking your services. 90 percent of people search over the internet to find most of the services right from their smartphones, while at work or in a board meeting, they can simply book or recur your services with a quick glance at your personal booking page. Love your Google/Outlook calendar and can’t get enough of it? Integrate it with Picktime and make the best out of it.

2. Available and Accessible

Being away at a competition, on vacation, or sitting in the school pick-up line doesn’t matter because Picktime is accessible via the internet through your smartphones. Secure login gets registered users the ability to find information, do work, kick off billing, or communicate with parents or your staff from wherever you have access to the internet. Extensive permissions give you complete control over the number of information users can see and use.

3. Staff time tracking

Your team or staff can get their own booking pages. Parents can book any of your team members to take care of their child according to their availability. Picktime takes the load of manually assigning work to all your staff. You could also track them easily on the dashboard in real-time. To get paid correctly for the hours they work, your staff are responsible for following your check-in and check-out policies.

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4. Quick and Easy Processing

Picktime processes such as enrolling students, generating the invoice, sending emails or SMS, and updating accounts are streamlined to remove the rote tasks that traditionally kill your time. All of your information is a single database securely stored on the cloud over the internet, so any kid, class, invoice, or staff details are available with a few clicks.

5. Dashboard and Reporting

Owners and managers stay totally informed about their businesses via Picktime’s Reporting features and the convenient and customizable Dashboard. Key performance indicators are easily tracked on the Dashboard and a comprehensive list of reports allows value, and decision-impacting details to rise to the top. Picktime helps the admin to look at the weekly or monthly reports and gain the pattern of their business, that is, when your business is at the peak and what time of the day your business gets you more clients, etc. Dig your claws into your business and stay informed.

6. Reduce no shows

Our automated SMS and email system reduce no-shows. Fill out canceled appointment slots with new clients. Reschedule appointments according to your client’s necessity. The drag and drop option quickly enables you to reschedule your bookings on the calendar itself.

The internet and streamlined processes quicken or eliminate the parrot-fashioned approach and give parents and employees control over their own data so you are free to be the caretaker again. You’re unchained from your pen and paper or any such formalities to spend face-time with parents and re-enter the fun and energetic part of your business that drew you in at the beginning.

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