All You need to know about Haldiram Franchise

Haldiram is a name that controls whose goods are a must-have with your evening cup of tea. 

The brand have surpassed $1 billion, and controls one-fifth of the Indian snack market share.

This has restricted demand for western snacks by catering to the Indian consumer’s traditional taste preferences.

It isn’t just you; it is the way this brand has positioned itself in the minds of every Indian consumer. Moreover, if you’re thinking about buying a franchise, all you have to do is make sales.

Everything you need to know about Haldiram franchise 

1)Unique selling point (USP): The USP of Haldiram is as follows:

It brings in up to 400 snacks variants in attractive packaging at accessible rates .

All the varieties  created with traditional recipes that satisfy the taste buds of Indians, making it a home product.

2)Haldiram’s business model: Haldiram’s business model can be defined with these variants:

 1. Value proposition:  Haldiram’s franchise bring to you a massive value  and constant year-round sales,.

This demand is increasing throughout the holiday seasons to reap the  benefit of a brand reputation.

2. Target consumers: Because of its genuineness in taste and its goods being used for routine consumption, Haldiram’s is targeting the whole Indian consumer market, like Supermarket chain &  Kirana stores, Local restaurants, Households, Consumers of all age groups, and Catering companies

3. Marketing strategy: Although haldiram does not require a marketing strategy because it is a well-known brand, word-of-        mouth advertising is sufficient.

Your Haldiram’s franchise might advertise its presence on hoardings and in print media. This will save you time & money which you will spend in marketing otherwise.

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Benefits of starting a Haldiram’s franchise:

Brand familiarity:  Haldiram isrecognized for its rich Indian spices products among Indian customers since 1937.

It has become a household product in the last 35 years.

Consumers are not only familiar with but have become accustomed to this brand and its products. Ease in operations: Because Haldiram’s outlet sells packaged namkeen such as Fujiya and moong dal, the management and distribution process is simplified, and because the product is perishable, the inventory turnover ratio is high.

Brand name: Owning a Haldiram’s franchise will provide you the advantage of carrying the brand name for a long time, which will result in big sales.

The advantage of the Indian consumer market: Because the Indian consumer market enjoys spices and eats namkeen  for casual snacking, demand remains constant.

Seasonal advantage: India is a nation of festivals, which are celebrated by people exchanging namkeen and sweets, as well as Haldiram’s gift packages and festive specials, all of which are sure to bring you huge earnings.


Haldiram’s is an Indian snacks brand that includes namkeens, snacks, beverages and ready to eat snacks. This  caters to India’s snacking preferences at low rates, resulting in tremendous sales. It had 150 locations across 13 cities and five states. Despite the hefty initial expenditure, there is a high annual turnover and the benefit of leveraging the brand name. Joining hands with Haldiram by taking Haldiram Franchise will definitely bring a great return on your investment and make your business dreams come true.

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