A 101 Guide on Preparing Your Baby’s Cot

Baby’s Cot

If you’re a mom-to-be, then setting up your kid’s nursery is probably on the top of your to-do list. It is one of the most fun and exciting process that you look forward to. From setting up the diaper changing corners to painting up the walls and adding in little hazard-free toys, and most importantly putting up the cot!

When it comes to bringing together your baby’s cot, you need to do it right and safe as it is one of the places that your baby will be spending most of their time in especially until your little one reaches the age where they can move towards sleeping on a bed! From fixing it to arranging it to decorating it to even considering the safety and security of it, there is so much to think about and keep in mind when putting together a cot. Keep reading as give you a little guide on how to prepare your baby’s cot the right way.

Make use of a firm mattress

No, using firm and a flat mattress does not reduce the comfort of your baby. Instead, it keeps them stable and in a good posture avoiding any possibilities or risks of injuries as newborn babies are often fragile and need to be looked at with utmost care. While waterproof covered mattresses are the most commonly preferred choice, there are a variety to choose from, especially in terms of size.

Throw on a fitted sheet

The next part in setting up your baby’s cot right is purchasing and placing it in the perfect fitted sheet. Often with babies moving around in the sweet little manner that they do; the sheets can come out and cause the possibility of entanglements or suffocation. Therefore, using fitted sheets keeps the sheet firmly tucked in and helps you avoid such a risky situation. If you’re looking for the perfect fitted cot sheets Australia has plenty of cute options.

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Baby’s Cot
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Keep the cot neat and clear

Be it blankets, soft toys, or even pillows, it is advised to keep your baby’s cot neat clean, and clear of anything for safety and security reasons. Having a planet of things around can lead to the possible risk of suffocation. Therefore, make sure that your baby’s crib is kept clear of any items. It is rather a free and cozy area for your infant to sleep in securely.

Set it up in the right corner

While this has more to do with the interior designing aspect of your baby’s nursery. It also does help protect your baby from sudden harsh lights falling through the window during the day. Baby’s eyes are still sensitive and placing the cot in a position. There it looks beautiful in the room while simultaneously being protected from the sunlight can be of great advantage.

Babies tend to grow and the risk of climbing over the cot can increase. Therefore, one last thing that you need to keep in mind is noting the measurements of your baby’s cot.

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