9 Secret Techniques To Improve Your Wavlink WiFi Extender

After every second many users are facing a slow internet problem. However, it can be because of the inappropriate settings of the wavlink AC1200 extender. In this article, we will show you the way to discover them with simple tricks.

Lookup For The Access To Hidden settings First

As you know very well, you can only enter your main wavlink WiFi router by going to the wifi.wavlink.com, but what about the Wavlink WiFi extender setting? What if you change its settings? However, Wavlink will make you sure that there is no way to update or unlock the access or WiFi extender settings. But it is so easy, we will tell you how?

Discover Your WiFi Extender IP Address

  • Login into the Wavlink settings
  • Go to the WiFi page
  • Open the page of Mesh network

How To Access The New Extender Settings

First enter your IP address in the address bar of your browser.

Sadly you will be redirected to setting the portal to the main router. So what will you do next?

Be Patient.

In case, if it doesn’t redirect you to your extender portal, then use the new IP

Login In The Wavlink Extender Setting

By default the password of the wavlink extender is admin or admin 1, try it to use them and see which one is right for you. After this you can go to setup a new password and time zone and finally enter the settings of the extender home page. If you don’t know which setting you can change then don’t worry about this in the next step we explain about this.

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Swap The Settings Of Extender

You can take a full focus on WiFi shared networks i.e., you can hide their 2.4 or 5GHz network to continue their extender WiFi channel and switch them into the operative modes. Now, you can change the working mode of the extender.

Change Working Mode Of Extender

When you go to settings of the extender, go into the wizard screen. By default extenders work as a WiFi repeater in order to design the mesh WiFi network and it communicates with the other main router. But it is not only one mode, there are two modes of the extender. 

LAN bridge or the Access point mode. 

In LAN bridge mode, you can connect your extender to the main router and have two different detached wavlink units that emit the same network.

In the AP mode, both the wavlink router and extender communicate with the 5GHz band. The AP mode of the house extender is completely separate. It means that they will perform much better but since they don’t have to handle their own communication. There are  some benefits from the AP mode.

Benefits From The AP Mode 

  • It increases the strength of the signal from both the units i.e., router and extender.
  • Having a smooth connection with less interference.
  • You can still get the benefits from a mesh system if the name of your AP SSID is the same as the main wavlink router ones.
  • You can jingle up your WiFi signal strength to low, medium or high power mode.
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If you have a multiple of LAN cables which goes out from your main router, in that case we recommend that AP mode is better.

Position Of Your Extender

Your WiFi extender position can also affect the strength of your WiFi extender signals. If you have a modem, then you don’t have any need to put your router close to the modem. The ideal location for your WiFi extender is a high position in your area. Here are the quick tips for your Wavlink WiFi extender to receive the good WiFi signals.

  1. Put your extender in the center location of your home. If you put your extender in the corner of your wall so it cannot spread the signals everywhere.
  2. Keep your router’s antenna in a vertical position. They may be kept in horizontal position but vertical position is ideal for better performance.
  3. You should put your router and extender in a close proximity and away from the floors. After that you will get the good Wavlink WiFi signals.

Power Cycle Your Wavlink WiFi Extender 

First you have to turn off your Wavlink WiFi extender. Take a break for a minute. Then turn it on again. After that, your extender glows a solid green light.

Update Your WiFi Extender Firmware

If your WiFi extender is not up to date then it will become a slow WiFi issue and safety issue. So, ensure that you should update your WiFi extender firmware from time to time. This can upgrade your bandwidth and refreshes your gadget so it works like new. Therefore, you should upgrade your firmware using the Wavlink extender IP, that is

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Final Thoughts

In this post, we have given some secret techniques to improve your Wavlink WiFi extender. We have given tips on changing the location of the extender, power cycle of your device, AP mode benefits and many more. If you are still facing these types of issues then you can drop a message in our comment box. Our team will respond to you.

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