5 Things to keep in Mind while Buying Cement

Title: 5 Things to keep in Mind while Buying Cement

Choosing the correct cement supplier is among the biggest decisions to make when planning any project. The right cement not only provides better strength as required but also makes the structure last longer. Choosing sub-standard or deteriorated cement leads to a lack of strength and results in higher maintenance incurred through cracks, leakage, etc.


It is vital to keep the following five points in mind while choosing a cement supplier. OfBusiness provides complete guidance throughout the process to ensure the smoothest process in procuring raw materials across India.

Government Certification 

For quality assurance, check the ISI Mark along with the registered brand trademark. Purchasing from transparent digitized platforms like OfBusiness negates the scope for tampering or duplication. All ISI-marked bags also have an IS code. This defines the characteristics and specifications of the cement. 

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While good brands may sometimes even incur 5-15% higher initial costs, the same cost pays itself more than once through better quality and longevity. Avoid unmarked or duplicated bags, as it endangers both human life and your reputation. 

Brand and Trust

Some of the biggest Cement suppliers in India are JK Lakshmi Cement, Ambuja Cement, Shree Cement, Birla Corporation, etc. When you select a reputed brand, you can rest assured of the uniformity, dependability, and ultimatel

y the desired strength of your building. OfBusiness follows all industry standards and does the screening for you. This lets us provide the best solutions based on each unique requirement, at better pricing.

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Types of Cement

Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) is graded based on its compression strength after 28 days of setting. Each cement supplier has varying grades depending on different usage scenarios, for eg. using OPC 53 in conditions of high early strain (eg. flyovers and skyscrapers) vs. using OPC 33 for non-structural masonry work.

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The other alternative is PPC, Portland Pozzolana Cement. It is a variation of OPC which includes a mixture of a pozzolanic material which further boosts strength and reduces raw material requirements. It is also looked at as a greener solution.

Manufacturing and Expiry Dates

Cement gradually loses its strength with time, and bags older than 3 months should be avoided at all costs. Although storage plays a big role (eg. exposure to moisture, handling with/without hooks, etc), most reputed cement suppliers stick to the three-month use-by policy.  Get Adderall Online

OfBusiness becomes especially useful in such scenarios, as we provide you the flexibility to order only the quantity you need immediately while your next shipment is only a click away.

Weight, Stitches, and Lumps

Check the bag for a proper printed quantity, and avoid buying ripped and hooked bags. Using hooks exposes the cement to moisture, while simultaneously causing wastage. Checking random bags on a scale, and watching out for lumps are simple solutions to ensure the quality of a batch.

Traditionally, this has been a hassle as fluctuations in demand can often cause both overstocking and understocking. OfBusiness gets around this by maintaining a central inventory in real-time with each cement supplier. This also allows us to ensure proper storage and transport conditions along with the cement supplier to maximize the product’s quality right until its activation in concrete.

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