4 Social Media Platforms Marketers Should Use

Social media platforms have become the most common method for business marketers to attract new customers. It helps the marketers to find out the buyers based on distinct industries with just one click anywhere, anytime. Nowadays, different types of social media platforms are available. So it can be difficult for marketers to choose the right platforms for their business. 

As marketers, you want to show your appearance on all social media platforms. Undoubtedly, the fact is that social media platforms are suitable for business marketing. Make sure you’re using the right social media platforms to attract more potential customers for your business. Moreover, social media platforms will be more beneficial to attract more potential customers and increase sales revenue.  

In this blog, we will give you the chance to learn about different types of social media platforms that can help you to enhance your business growth: 

Importance Of Social Media Platforms In Marketing 

Some trending social platforms are Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. These platforms recreate the life of the people in terms of communication and exchange of various types of content online. Social media platforms can help you to achieve your business marketing goals including:  

  • Gain website traffic 
  • Brand awareness growth
  • Lead conversion 
  • Improve communication and interaction online
  • Positive brand connection and create the brand identity

Top 4 Social Media Platforms 

Here is the list of the Top Rated Social Media Platforms often used by the marketers to boost their business growth: 


Facebook has more than 2.27 billion active users monthly making it to be in the number one position. Facebook has more than 2.27 billion active users monthly making it to be in the number one position. It allows you to run the marketing campaigns and Ads Manager to create the ads to target the user based on different regions, locations, ages, levels of education, job title, etc. 

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Facebook also allows you to create Custom Audiences with the help of personal details like phone numbers or email addresses to reach the customers in an easy way. Moreover, Facebook pixel helps you to target the customers who visited your website so far. Either, create the Facebook Business Page for your company and make sure that you have updated your page on a regular basis. 


Instagram is also owned by Facebook and has more than millions of active users monthly. Instagram is the visual social media platform that allows users to showcase their brand online. It doesn’t allow the user to place any links within the posts. The good thing about Instagram is that you can access different tools to boost your creative marketing experience. Instagram is a suitable platform for your marketing business to attract customers with images and videos. You can post pictures of your products and ask your followers to do the same to increase the post reach. 

Never forget to use the Instagram hashtags along with your Instagram posts. It is a great way to reach a wider audience via Instagram stories or Instagram Live Videos. It also gives the advertising options for businesses links with your Facebook account. 


Twitter is now in trend with an average of 186 million active users daily. Twitter is a fast-paced platform to get information about any topic globally. Most social media marketing companies use these platforms to publish their content daily. 

It also makes it easy for the users to share links to new topics and new blogs and pages. To maintain a good reputation in your industry you will need to stay active on Twitter by sharing useful and informative content. 

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LinkedIn is the primary source of communication via social networking mostly used by professionals. It allows you to recruit new employees and helps you to update your customers on your business. With the trend, LinkedIn marketing now becomes the first choice of B2B businesses. 

Final Words 

In this blog, we have discussed the role of social media marketing platforms in our business. Here you’ve discovered the top-rated social media marketing platforms to level up your business growth with the help of online social media marketing tools. 

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