11 Ways to Know If Your Cat is Sick

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Having a pet is always a good choice as it makes you feel like you are not alone and have someone in your life. Being surrounded by your pet makes you feel good. But when it comes to choosing a favorite, the cat is always my choice to go for.

Being attached to your pets means that you do not want to lose them. You must keep a check on your pet, whether it’s your cat or dog.

You can learn by some simple signs if your cat is not feeling well. Because cats are geniuses and they surely hide the illness. According to an animal doctor in Lahore, one of the most common signs of cat illness is vomiting, loss of appetite, and diarrhea.

Here are some more signs that can help you learn about if your cat is sick or not.

Signs If Your Cat is Not Feeling Well

The first thing you may notice is the changed behavior of your cat. You can guess if your cat sits far away from you or does not make any noise throughout the day. It may surprise you, right?

Well, you should notice the other changes as well, such as:

Increased appetite

Cats always demand food but if you notice them eating more food all the time, take notice. It may be a concern if it happens with older cats. It might be possible that your cat has hyperthyroidism. You should not ignore the increased appetite in your cats as it can be a sign of any health condition.

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Make sure that your vet orders more tests to diagnose the real cause.

No matter if you have a younger pet, and you notice increased appetite, you must take notice and get help from a professional. Otherwise, overeating can result in weight gain in younger cats.

Changes in weight

The weight change in cats is always a concern. No matter if your pet gains weight or loses some fat, you should not ignore this fact. But if you notice that your pet is losing weight more, it is an urgent condition and you need medical help.

Increased thirst

There are different reasons that raise the concern of increased thirst in pets. Some health conditions may also cause thirst changes, such as kidney diseases and diabetes mellitus. You should ask a professional if you find your pet around the water dish.

If we talk about the normal behavior of the cats, they do not drink water or go for once a day.


Diarrhea occurs due to a range of reasons, such as it might be the result of dietary indiscretion. One other common condition includes intestinal parasites that can lead to diarrhea.

If you ignore diarrhea, it may lead to dehydration and other issues. Dehydration is a root cause of many health conditions. Your pet is also at risk of intestinal inflammation due to diarrhea.

You need to provide a stool sample to the professional to diagnose the cause.


Sleeping more than usual is also a concern that you need to discuss with the doctor. Such behavior shows the low energy level of your pet. Checking on the pets and their behavior will help you know about many things like there is something wrong with their health.

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Urine changes

Urine shows how your body works, and whether you are healthy enough or not. The kidneys and urinary tract are responsible to flush out all the toxins and harmful bacteria through urine. If you see changes in urine, or urine frequency, or blood, it shows a serious health condition sign. You should ask the expert what kind of treatment is needed.

If you do notice that your car does not urinate or strains to urinate, it can be an emergency situation.

Changes in breathing

It is a concerning point if you see changes in the breathing of your cat. There are different signs that can affect your cat’s health, such as raspy breathing, rapid breathing, and shortness of breath.

Hair loss

External parasites and skin conditions may cause hair loss in animals. Some allergies may also be responsible for skin irritation. Animals start scratching the skin if they feel itching. If you see your pet losing hair or scratching all the time, it may be a sign that you are sick.

Changes in Personality

Aging can show different personality changes over time but if you find these changes in your young cat, you should discuss them with a specialist. For example, a confident pet suddenly shows different behavior changes, like acting like being afraid may cause serious concern.


A wound may result in an abscess or can be a tumor. You should see the swollen area more closely what it looks like and how it causes pain or not.

Bad Breath

If your pet has a dental issue, you will experience bad breath. Oral infection also causes bleeding and drooling. Left untreated oral infections often lead to other organ damage.

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If your cat shows serious signs, like poisonous exposure, inability to walk, imbalance, seizure, etc. do not wait and take to an emergency.

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