If you are a person with only a small amount of capital, what business and business should you do? This article will suggest you new ideas to implement these models. Vinslim V3 will give you useful tips

If you are a person with only a small amount of capital, what business and business should you do? This article will suggest you ideas with little capital, and moreover, new business people can also implement these models.


1. Trade in rice

Rice is always an essential food in every Vietnamese meal. Currently, the quality of life of people concentrated in the provinces and cities has increased, so the business of specialty rice promises to be a “hot” commodity. Foodies will often look for delicious specialty rice and premium rice to confirm their taste. However, to be able to compete with other stores, the “clean” factor will help you beat your competitors. Consumers are so familiar with the story of mixing rice, using anti-mold drugs, bleach… so the seller’s honesty and commitment will help you gain trust and gain a foothold in the market. Besides, you can choose to provide more rice for restaurants to maintain stability for your income for a long time.

2. Fruits trading

Fruit is also a good option to start a business in case you have a little bit of capital. You can trade in seasonal fruits to ensure product quality as well as food safety. You can choose a business location at the bus stations because the traffic here is very crowded and most people want to buy gifts to give to their loved ones. Or another option is to be near apartment complexes where many people live because the demand for clean, quality fruit products is very high. Fruits contain a lot of essential vitamins for the body, so fruit business at the hospital gates is also a smart choice for patients to nourish and quickly recover their body.

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3. Trade in clothes

Like food, clothing is also an essential item that everyone needs. Trading clothes stalls in the market is also not a bad idea. First, determine who you want to target: children, women or men to source clothing accordingly. In addition, you need to keep up to date with the latest fashion trends to attract customers. This is extremely important because with a market that is too competitive, full of fashion shops like today, you will not be able to sell if you still keep the outdated models, do not bother to update. Moreover, the tastes of customers in the fashion industry, especially women’s fashion, are always changing rapidly. So if you have accepted to engage in this business, then you have to follow new trends constantly.

The above are suggestions for those who are intending to run small shops and have little capital. However, you do not need to worry too much about business capital because now, VPBank has flexibly launched a loan package just for business households with the criteria of quick procedures, no need to mortgage assets. in order to minimize the time to finance household businesses, along with competitive interest rates to promptly meet capital needs. This will promise to be a great capital solution for those who wish to own a small business store in the future.

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