Things To Do When You Become a Parent


When you become a parent, you have a huge responsibility on your shoulders which is to make sure that you bring up your child well so that they become a responsible citizen of their country. So here are a few things you need to do when you become a parent.

Lead by example

Growing children idolize their parents and lead by their example. So, if you want to teach your children good manners then you need to follow them. To start with always address everyone older or younger than you with respect, because remember even if you do not realize your child is watching you and learning from you. If you want your child to get into a routine then you might have to do the same. You can at least pretend to sleep by keeping the lights off so your child follows.

Once he/she is sleeping you can get back to doing what you want to. Limit your screen time. A lot of parents complain that their child always wants the phone, what they don’t understand is that they too are on their phone when the child is around. So, try and keep your phone away, and you will notice your child will do the same. It is not possible to completely let them avoid screen time especially because in the last two years of lockdown that’s the only entertainment they have got. However, you can always limit it.


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Give them space

Another common thing that parents miss out is on giving a child his/her space. Yes, one doesn’t have to enter their teens to crave space, little children might also need it. To begin with, you cannot expect your little one to not make a mess while he/she is eating. They are bound to make a mess.  If you don’t want them to break crockery, get them baby feeding plates and bowls. These are designed for them and are not easy to break.

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Your child is just inquisitive which is why he or she makes a mess so let them be. Constantly shouting or yelling at them will just affect them negatively. Also never compare them with someone else’s child. They might not understand what you are saying but eventually one day they will and this will break their confidence. So always praise them because trust me that little one is trying really hard to please you or get your attention.

Don’t always entertain them

When children are young, we give them a lot of attention and might make a huge deal when they make small accomplishments. This is needed but as they grow a little older, stop entertaining them. You don’t always have to have an activity to keep them busy. Let them get bored, this way they will play all by themselves which helps them to bring their creative side. They need to understand that their world doesn’t revolve around them.

Hope the above tips will help parents bring up their children well.

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