What to do if the HP printer is not printing full image

hp printer not printing full image

To print the photos in 4*6 size first of all load the paper into the printing tray select the appropriate settings in the print quality settings to print the photo. Open the photo tap on the print option given near to it. Choose your HP printer from the given Hp printer not Printing list. Please avoid touching the glossy paper from the side on which you require the print. The paper should be stored in an environment where the temperature ranges from 8 degrees to 30 degrees. Paper to be stored on a flat surface or the package it was bought in. As per the guideline laid by hp printer not printing  you need to print at room temperature of 15 degrees to 30 degrees.   

How to print on HP Advanced Photo Paper:

Please load the photo paper in the tray from the hp printer not printing menu and properties select the option best from the type of paper quality to be used. Using this option you can print the picture in full size and print click on the picture go to properties adjust the picture pixels in an appropriate manner or from advance settings click on the print picture in full image from the drop-down list so that you can print the image in the desired manner.

How to protect the printed pictures from sunlight and getting damaged: 

The image can be protected if you place it on a flat surface and do not expose it to sunlight. Allow them to dry after you have taken the printouts of photos. Keep them away from liquids such as water etc. Place them on a clean surface and allow them to dry then you can frame them as well. 

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How do you print image on full Page: 

Select the image from the file option go to the settings section select the photo to adjust the pixels and print the photos. You can drag and enlarge the image on full size this will also allow you to print the image in full size. 

How do I print the photos from my computer in full size?

Select image and then print it from the hp printer not printing please adjust the options like print layout number of copies, paper size to be used, etc. This way the hp printer will allow you to print the image in full size.

How to print digital photos from hp printer:

Please attach your DSLR camera to the pc. Open the device view open folder to view files. In this way, you can copy all the desired photos to your laptop. Once photos are transferred you can use apps like Picasa, Photoshop Express, etc you enhance the picture quality. Once this step is done open the pictures in the desired location select the number of pictures, specify the number of copies and then click on print this will allow you to print in good quality. Gone are the days when negatives of photos needed to be developed. Now you can directly print the digital form of photos from your laptop and hp printer.

There is an option of Import photos and videos on your system this option assists you to save the photos wherever you feel it’s necessary. Different photo apps allow you to create albums and segregate your memories as per your requirement. 

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How to print image in full size from Iphone through hp printer ? 

Open the photos in the Icloud library from the settings select device and hp printers not printing from the drop-down menu choose your print now select the photos that need to be printed to allow them to load. Once they load on your device please click on the print option. You can drag the image in the center of the page and enlarge it. Then you can centrally align it this way the image can be printed in full size. Images give a good impression when they are printed in full size hence from the hp printer properties please select the option full image this option available in HP printer not printing to print the image in full size. 

What are the key tips to print quality photos: 

  • Please use a hp photo paper this allows you to optimize the printing this paper allows you to print qualitative images for craft projects and the purpose of framing. 
  • Please take photos with a higher resolution this will allow you to take vibrant and clearer copies of prints. 
  • Please utilize appropriate photo tools to enhance the brightness contrast and any other appearance in settings. 
  • The computer display plays a vital role in enhancing the quality of the picture printed. As you need to check the color accuracy. If the printed picture is printed with faded colors it means the accuracy of the colors is inappropriate in the monitor of the computer. Please revise the color resolution from the setting tab for quality print. 
  • Use Best or Max DPI settings, these settings provide better and clearer results in photo printing. Higher the quality of photos higher the results by enhanced settings. 
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What are the key settings in quality of printing an image in full size: 

Please note the higher the picture quality higher the results. Normal means normal mode is set for the printing of photos this is in normal quality. Then there is a draft mode this is used in economical printing this setting uses the lowest DPI for an economical mode of printing. Best means higher DPI and better printing results.

Always print photos in color by using the color setting. The black-white setting prints photos in black and white color this is for normal printing mode. The grayscale produces photos in a wide variety of range black and grey tones. 


Please use appropriate photo paper for an enhanced level of printing. Edit the photo settings to enhance the existing picture quality. You can use different photo tools to enhance the existing picture. Please ensure pictures are hp printer in higher resolution. The full-size etc must be set for printing images in full size.

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