How To Buy The Best Loose Leaf Tea

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All the tea fanatics from around the world would agree on what a feeling of pleasure it is to brew a cup of tea using the finest loose tea leaves. And because the tea leaves of a loose leaf tea are not stuffed into a small bag, they retain their original aroma and flavor, making them one of a kind. However, if you are new to the world of loose leaf tea, then it can become daunting to choose from a variety of options and determine your favorite blend. Let us take this worry off your shoulders and walk you through the aromatic universe of loose leaf tea. 


What is loose leaf tea?

What makes a loose leaf tea different from other teas is that it is not brewed in a tea bag. When the loose leaf tea is steeped in boiling water, it starts absorbing the water and expands, making water infuse all the nutrients of the tea leaves in the brew. This nutrient-infused tea is not only delicious but also extremely healthy. If the same tea leaves are steeped in a tea bag, their infusion gets restricted to the size of the tea bag inhibiting the rich taste. 


How to choose the best loose leaf tea?

Being new to something means navigating your way through all the information and trying to remember everything. In the case of loose leaf tea, you will come across various flavors, quality, scents, and much more. Here is how you can identify a good loose leaf tea and see if it fits your preferences.

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Wholesale Loose Leaf Tea

Familiarize yourself with different tea types

It is essential to study different types of loose leaf teas before you can choose one for yourself. There are many teas, and their characteristics may surprise you as well. For instance, white tea is one of the most exotic teas in the world and is considered rarest of rare, whereas Pu’erh ages like fine wine. Knowing your tea can make you an expert, and you can ultimately choose which one to buy from wholesale loose leaf tea suppliers


Go for looks

The saying- looks are deceiving doesn’t go well with loose leaf tea where you can tell a lot about the tea just by glancing at it. As a rule of thumb, you should always look at the size of the leaf as a larger leaf indicates higher quality and better flavor. Pale green tears usually have a lighter flavor, and dark green colored leaves mean a strong infusion. 


Trust your nose

Before buying a tea for yourself, always take a whiff to ensure the freshness of the leaves. A good smell means that the brew will also be delicious. For people hunting herbal teas, letting fragrances guide you could be of great help. Faded and weak scented herbs indicate staleness, and you should go for fresh ones.  


Final thoughts

Most mass-produced tea bags fail to produce the authentic tea taste and leave an unpleasant aftertaste. The need to crush them finely kills their aroma and flavor, which is why for a rich taste, people prefer loose leaf teas. 

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As is with most natural products, fresh tea tastes the best. Unfortunately, most loose leaf teas lose their freshness sitting on the retail shelves for months. So if you are looking for wholesale loose leaf tea suppliers, you are in the right place. Check out our range of fresh loose leaf teas here.

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