Hacks For Making Your Beauty Routine A Bit More Eco-Friendly

Sustainable Beauty Products

In recent years, people have become increasingly conscious of the state of the planet and have started switching to eco-friendly products wherever possible. 

The beauty industry is an expansive one, and every month, a new brand shows up on the scene. The popularity of multi-step skincare routines and short-lived makeup trends drive the demand for endless products. It has resulted in the production of millions of beauty products.  Most of which go to waste, that cause intense damage to the planet.

Globally, 300 million tonnes of plastic are produced each year, & approximately 3% of it ends up floating in the ocean while a majority is disposed of in landfills.  The beauty industry is one of the main contributors to this excessive plastic waste.

But it is never too late, & you can be one of the millions of people trying to cut back on waste & help save the planet. The best part is that adopting an environmentally friendly beauty routine is not difficult! 

Simple Eco-Conscious Hacks For A Sustainable Beauty Routine:

Adopt the 3Rs religiously: All of us have been taught the three 3Rs for environmental conservation in school: Reuse, Recycle and Reduce. One of the first things you should do when trying to make your beauty routine;  more sustainable is to recycle as much as possible. Try not to throw away the containers of different products like creams and serums. Buy recyclable sustainable beauty products. 

You can also get a little creative & find an amazing use for the empty product packaging.  You may use an old bottle as a DIY makeup brush holder ; or tiny storage units for things like cotton swabs, hair ties, & bobby pins.

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Be conscious of the packaging of your products:  More than 120 billion packaging units are manufactured by the cosmetics & beauty industry globally, but most of them end up in a dump yard. While shopping, ensure that you choose eco-friendly products to recycle in the future, reducing the load on garbage mountains.

One of the smartest ways to switch to a sustainable routine is to choose products that come in glass bottles instead of plastics. Glass containers are easier to recycle & disintegrate faster than plastic. Many industries are now producing packaging items made of recyclable materials, so you should keep an eye on them too!

Opt for multi-use products: You should indeed try to buy more eco-friendly products, but there is something else to look out for, i.e., reusability. You should opt for products with a longer reusability life. Instead of those that can only be used once & then thrown away.

A great & effective way to cut down on waste is to use multi-tasking products. Using one product that addresses two issues instead of one simplifies your beauty regime & saves on waste and plastic usage.

Thanks to the massively popular multi-step morning and nighttime CTM routines. We often make our way through one pack after another of things like cotton pads. They create a lot of waste & harm the environment. Reusable cotton pads or terry cloth ones are a better eco-friendly alternative for removing your makeup.  After cleaning your makeup, all you need to do is throw them in the washing machine. 

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Look out for harmful ingredients in your products: One of the best ways to go sustainable is to pay attention to the ingredients in your products if you want to make a more environmentally conscious choice. Natural & organic ingredients contribute to overall water conservation & ecosystem protection. 

Many exfoliants, scrubs, & body cleansers include microbeads, the biggest contributors to microplastic pollution in water bodies. Marine life is harmed greatly by parabens, sulphates, phthalates, & synthetic compounds. 

You should also use vegan and cruelty-free products. You can also make an effort instead of relying on companies to eliminate animal testing. Buy makeup brushes and applicators made of sustainable materials like bamboo. They are high-quality and do not harm wildlife like animal hair brushes. 

Use eco-friendly shopping bags: Reusable shopping bags are not new but need as much attention as other sustainable products. You may be used to only bringing them with you when shopping for groceries. But you can use them for beauty products too. Many beauty & cosmetic brands offer jute bags or organic bamboo bags as complimentary gifts when you make a purchase of a certain amount. Use these bags as much as possible!

Don’t leave the water running: It might seem like trivial advice but it is the most important one! The water you use significantly affects the planet. You should not leave the water running during your skincare or makeup removal routine where you need water. Turn the faucet on and off as needed, or use a mug to take out as much water as you need in one go instead of letting the tap run!

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The planet is at risk of irreversible damage, and human habits are the primary cause. We buy products and discard them without batting an eyelash at the consequences they may have. It’s not easy to commit to a zero-waste lifestyle. But it is also not difficult to make simple changes that help the planet in the long run. 

The beauty industry is moving toward a positive change – brands are becoming more conscious of their carbon footprint because the people like us demand sustainable beauty products. Eco-friendly products & practices are on their way to becoming the biggest trend in the world.  And we hope this trend will continue unconditionally. 

If you are looking for environmentally friendly health and beauty products in the UK, you can find an exhaustive list of amazing items at REGN. It is a health, hygiene, & beauty brand that encourages a “planet-friendly choice” by providing sustainable solutions for daily needs. You will also discover products from leading eco-conscious brands in the UK on the REGN website. The options for zero-waste high-quality products will leave you surprised!  

Make a better choice today and adopt eco-friendly, healthy and beauty products!

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