Best Method For Keeping Loose Tea Leaves Fresh For a Long Time


Tea holds a special place in every person’s heart and fits in any occasion. Every cup of tea contains a unique taste and aroma that makes it an enticing drink. Tea is considered one of the most popular beverages in the world, and for a good reason. The intriguing flavors will only retain when you store them properly. When tea isn’t stored correctly, it can spoil well before its best date. Here’s how you can keep your tea leaves fresher for longer after purchasing them from a wholesale tea supplier. Do you know the ways to do so? Here are some of the manners which can be helpful for you. 


Keep the leaves in an arid place 

It is necessary to keep the leaves of tea in a dry place. You have to keep the leaves from excess moisture at bay from the leaves because it can reduce the lifespan of teas. Keeping it in a dry place doesn’t mean that you place it away from the area of less liquid. You also have to keep it in an airtight container. 


Know the shelf life

When you purchase tea leaves, you must know their shelf life. The life of tea bags is 24 months, for paper bags, it is 2 years, and for black loose-leaf tea, it is 18 months. So, remember these and use your tea accordingly. To enjoy the intriguing flavors, use them within six months. 

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Keep the loose leaf tea away from plastic 

It is recommended to keep loose-leaf tea away from plastic containers. Plastic contains harmful substances, which are not suitable for tea, and drain it dry. Plastic is clear, which leaves it vulnerable to light sources. 

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Keep light and heat away 

Light is not suitable for your tea leaves as it degrades their quality. Keep it in an airtight container or a zipper pouch. Make sure you place the tea in a dark box to keep the light away. In the supermarket, too, the tea leaves are usually stored in shady containers. So, make sure you keep the light and heat out. 


Don’t mix loose leaf tea and paper bags 

Make sure you do not place the loose-leaf tea and paper bags in a different container. Your teas are not well protected by paper bags, even though they look adorable. Air, moisture, and light are exposed to your tea because the paper is porous. 


Tea is considered one of the favored beverages. Tea lovers are all around the world, and every tea drinker is different. It is considered caffeine for some people, and for some, it is a relaxing partner. It can only provide the taste and aroma when you tore it efficiently. By doing this, you will be assured of getting the best flavor for your drink. If you are unaware of the ways to protect your beloved tea, we have mentioned them above. Go through them and enjoy the perfect flavor. If you are looking for a wholesale tea supplier, contact Build A Blend. They have different flavors of the leaf. Visit their website to know more.

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