5 Gorgeous Tapestry designs

Tapestry is a form of art made from textiles which is made by hand and can even be hand-crafted sometimes. Tapestry is a weave that is face-faced that is where all of the warp threads get buried in the finished work unlike other materials that are woven, in which both the weft and warp threads can be seen. There are many kinds of tapestries. Tapestry can be used to embellish your hanging cabinet on your wall as well as other furniture within your home.

Tapestry is utilized by all with their own distinct style, or made by everyone using the distinct artistic and craftsman style. There are many different kinds of tapestry that you can create your own gorgeous tapestry or embroidered cloth.


Mandala Tapestry

Mandala designs are enriched by the Spiritual Symbols from Buddhism along with Hinduism. It’s an excellent way to address the universe. This particular Mandala is among the most sought-after mandalas. Mandalas as an addition, gives a boost of energy to your home. Also, it can be found in a variety of styles and tones. You can select according to your requirements and add drama to your exhausted space.

A lot of people who purchase mandala tapestries are aware of a basic knowledge of what they are and what they represent however, many believe that it’s part of “hippie” style of life and do not even think about it. Did you realize that mandala tapestries carry more spiritual, deeper significance?

Sun Moon Tapestry

The moon and the sun symbolize different things in various societies, but one thing that is common to all among them is the opposites. The sun is a symbol of strength, stability and power, whereas the moon is a symbol of peace beauty, harmony and nurturing.If you want to add a touch of the past to your house, you should select the The Sun and Moon Tapestry.

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It’s an extremely beautiful tapestries and can be paired to go with any kind of interior decoration.. This Sun and Moon pattern can also bring joy within your home. If you’d like to add a touch of charm to your home, you’ll be able to decorate your home using the Sun and Moon Tapestry pattern. It will appear like you’ve got more space to breathe.

Elephant Wall Tapestry

If you’re looking something unique and beautiful, then go for the Elephant Wall Tapestry. Nothing is better than the look of an Elephant Tapestry for creativity.

It grabs plenty of attention because of it’s Rajasthan theme. There are many designs of wall tapestry made of elephants in Rajasthan’s hand-made fabric and designs for walls, embroidery room designs , and much more. It’s a home to exquisite and skilled artwork. The Tapestry can give a lively appearance to any dull wall. Many of us opt for this design because they believe it creates an attractive look to guests who visit the house.

Omber Floral Wall Tapestry

A floral arrangement or design can be described as the process of combining plants and flowers to create a striking and balanced arrangement or display. The style of the ecu emphasizes colors and varieties of botanical materials that are not restricted to blooming flowers. It is also used in mass groups of various flowers. Another stunning Tapestry style can be found in Omber Floral.

It’s a great mix of hippie and bohemian design that can complement your interior decor instantly. You can use it for tablecloth, blanket as well as a ceiling cover and curtains, and hanging it in front of your entryway.. It will add an exciting vibe to the boring area of your house.You can pick any size or design you like for the Omber Floral Wall tapestry .

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Hippie Wall Tapestry

Hippie fashion is all making an eclectic mix of natural and vibrant colors. an ingenuous mix of textures and patterns. Learn the essentials of planning for this quirky, non-conformist fashion.

.The fundamental aspect of the hippie look is that it’s individual and comfortable. Styles that are hippie don’t cater to people else’s pleasure, but rather for your personal style.

Hippie refers to a wildly patterned pattern. Tapestries with hippie designs are fun due to their ability to express the luxurious aspects of your home. It’s great to have an attractive print to the boring wall. Wall tapestries are available in exciting colors and patterns . You can pick the most simple marches Hippie tapestry to match your style , and consequently the texture of your wall.

Tapestries enhance the look of your living space. You can pick any design for your tapestry since they are gorgeous works of art that are appealing to the eyes.






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